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Mares & Fillies For Sale
Damhsóir CTC Damhsóir CTC (Click on picture or name for Pedigree and AVI files)

Damhsóir while registered as a Andalusian, is actually a Andalusian, very baroque looking. She is 15.3H tall and is 4 years old. Good Amateur or Junior Dressage prospect, possibly Hunter prospect. Naturally carries herself very balanced with good overstep at walk and trot. Could be shown Training Level with very little work, just needs miles. She is offered at $9,500.00.

Ciar Shadow CTC Ciar Shadow CTC (Click on picture or name for Pedigree and AVI files)

Ci-ar Shadow is a 5 year old grey mare by black stallion. She is 16.1 H tall. Her sire was 16.2 H. She is currently in Dressage / hunter training. She is a super jumper, already jumping 2'9" to 3' fences. She really gets her knees and feet up to her chin and rounds nicely through the back. She is very willing and easy to work with and has a huge overstep at the walk/trot. She is already working on the bit and has very smooth gaits. It won't take very long before she is ready to be shown over fences. She clips, lunges, loads, stands for the farrier and will walk across bright blue tarps. This is an exceptional mare for someone who wants a competition horse to later retire as a breeder. She is offered at $25,000.00.

Pistolera CTC Pistolera CTC (Click on picture or name for Pedigree and AVI files)

Pistolera is a very tall 2 year old filly. She is already 15.3H tall. She is an elegant mover with a huge overstride and long swan neck. She would make an awesome Dressage prospect. She is out of two PRE parents, but is registered with IALHA. This filly clips, loads in trailers, ties and has lunged with a saddle. She is very friendly and loves to be groomed. She is priced at $12,000.

Gelding For Sale
Damhan Cos CTC Damhan Cos CTC (Click on picture or name for Pedigree and AVI files)

Damhan Cos CTC is a wonderful 16.1H 3 year old gelding, and still growing. He is a very dark grey, by the black stallion Feudal VIII, imported from Spain. He is an awesome mover and very very gentle. Excellent Dressage / Doma Vaquero prospect. Well started under saddle. He really enjoys being handled and loves to work. He is for sale at $25,000.00


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