A Eulogy for Nana

Six A.M. with dawn's bright glow,
And family near our love to show,
Her soul departed this mortal coil
After ninety-three years of life and toil.

My mother's mother, strong in grace,
She leaves behind an empty place,
Filled now with images and memories
Of times when love flowed with ease,

Blanche had strong opinions of life and stuff,
The "Irish" in her took no guff.
When life gave tasks both hard and long,
Her "Dutch" side helped to make her strong.

She'd tell you when you'd done things right,
To help you know which battles to fight.
She'd tell you if she thought you wrong,
Her way to help you grow up strong.

She wasn't always easy to know,
But behind the tension, love would glow.
That theme, "The threads of love are there",
Throughout her life she'd try to share.

She's now passed through that waiting door,
She'll walk these roads with us no more.
She's gone beyond to a better place,
My mother's mother, strong in grace.

-- © by Jesse Chisholm -- 1997.02.02

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