A Eulogy for Grand Ma Melba

Worker, Teacher, Farmer's Wife,
Business Woman All Her Life,
Helping Others Was Her Way,
Encouragement She Gave Each Day.

Calm And Steady Through Everything,
Took Joy In Hearing Children Sing.
Gave Support To Each Endeavour,
The Love She Shared Was Without Measure.

Start Each Day With Home Cooked Meal,
Eat What's Good, Now Here's The Deal,
Biscuits, Gravy, Eggs And Bacon,
Sausage, Grits, There's Soup A-Makin'.
Home Cooked Bread, And Minced-Meat Pie,
Sweet Potato, Chicken Fry.
Fresh Cold Milk To Wash It Down,
Now Get Cleaned Up, We're Off To Town.

Doesn't Like To Beat The Bush,
Get To The Point, But There's No Rush
Slow Down Now And Tell Your Story,
Hold The Fort, No Need To Worry.

Knows That All Will Work Out Right,
Through It All, Her Smile Shines Bright.
Encouragement She Gave Each Day.
Helping Others Was Her Way.

-- © by Jesse Chisholm -- 97.02.23

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