Dr. Seuss Style Savings Time (reprised)

On your nightstand there's a clock.
It may not tick, it may not tock,
But turn it, please, one hour back.
This is the Fall, it's not time we lack.
It's the end of Summer Savings Time
That's the purpose of this rhyme.

Last Spring we pushed our clocks ahead,
Now we turn them back instead.
We used to want to save some light,
Now it's sleeping through the night.
It still seems crazy, this thing we do,
I don't understand, perhaps, do you?

To groom your cats, you'll have an hour longer,
So brew your coffee a little stronger.
Don't go back to sleep for that hour,
If you do, you'll be feeling sour.
Now listen close to this last line.
Tomorrow the show starts at Nine.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, November 4th, 2017
On the occasion of the Jazzy Cats Cat Club's
Haunted Weekend TICA Cat Show, to remind the exhibitors
that this was the weekend of the Daylight Savings
Time change.

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