What Holiday is Today Anyway?
If you're Irish, `tis the 17th you celebrate each year.
That was a week and a day ago, so you've missed it, I fear.

And if you're wanting Puppy Appreciation Day as your favorite celebration,
You missed it by two days, so you've nearly a year of frustration.

Yesterday, I'm sorry to have to say,
	you missed Chocolate Covered Raison Day.
But if you wait until tomorrow,
	Spinich Day might ease your sorrow.

Of all those days, I like today,
	For my favorite Pie,
		Today is Pecan Day.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, March 25th, 2017
On the occasion of Kat Knappers Cat Club putting on the Bare Bones cat show in Arcadia, California. March 25th.

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