Ring Three's Request
At special request from Ring Three,
    It seems it's time for some poetry.
It may not be good, it may not even rhyme,
    But here is the poem you're getting this time.

It isn't about cats, as you will see,
    It is just about ... well ... poetry.
Just words thrown together howe'er they go.
    Of big social import? I wouldn't say so.

But come back again to another Cat Show,
    The poem then could be better, you never know.
Perhaps one of you might write a ditty,
    If you do, I'll read your poem of your kitty.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, January 21sh, 2017
On the occasion of So. Cal. ExoTICA putting on the Title Match cat show in Arcadia, California. January 21sh and 22nd.

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