To the Cat Show
( to the tune of Donkey Riding song )
    Hey Ho, Away we go, to the cat show, to the cat show.
    Hey Ho, Away we go, to the TICA cat show.

Jazzy Cats puts on this show
  The best cats are here you know
    From all around the world we go
      To the TICA cat show.

Viking cats from Denmark came
  Friendship with our clubs they claim
    A new cat club to join the game
      Of putting on a cat show.

Val and Crew brought rescue cats
  Kittens too, for all of that.
    The last row is where they're at.
      Here at the TICA cat show.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, January 8th, 2017
On the occasion of Jazzy Cats putting on the Mardi Gras Madness show in McLellan, California. January 6th, 7th and 8th.

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