Daylight Savings Advice, Take 2
Listen folks, on Daylight Saving Time, I've got the scoop!
I have advice, so you'll avoid the chronological loop.
By law, tonight at 2 am, our clocks go back an hour.
But if you get caught up in the loop, tomorrow will be dour.

Your alarm goes off at 2 am, and you set your clock to 1.
It goes off again at 2 am, and now your life's undone.
How many times, with groggy eyes, will you awake to set
Your clock back for an extra hour of sleep? I don't want to bet.

One extra hour at a time, you'll sleep the night away.
Until some friend calls you, and you'll hear them say:
"Get up! Groom your cat! You're missing your first ring!"
Perhaps you'ld rather have woken to the song that a bird would sing.

So my advice is turn your clock one hour back right now.
And go to sleep with no alarm to wake you anyhow.
Then you'll be fresh tomorrow morn, to give your cat a brush.
And you'll get here at 9 am, without the hectic rush.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, November 5th, 2016
On the occasion of iPurrCats and Jazzy Cats putting on the Catsgiving show in San Mateo, California. November 4th, 5th and 6th.

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