Daylight Savings Advice, Take 1
Some folks think Daylight Saving is an idea full of poop.
They're worried of getting stuck in a chronological loop.
Because, well, at 2 am, we set clocks back an hour.
But it's not the extra hour of sleep that has them feeling sour.

They fear the alarm that rings at 2, so they can awake and set it back to 1,
Will ring again when again it's 2, and then they'll be undone.
How many time, with groggy eyes, will they awake to change the clock?
This whole Daylight Saving plan is really just a crock.

One hour at a time, I'll sleep the night away.
Until some friend phones, and wakes me, just to say:
"Get up! Groom your cat! You're late getting to the show."
Stop dreaming of setting it back an hour, once is enough you know.

So my advice to avoid the loop, is change your clock right now.
And go to sleep with no alarm to wake you anyhow.
Then you'll be fresh tomorrow morn, to give your cat a brush.
And you'll get here to your first ring, without the hectic rush.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, November 4th, 2016
On the occasion of iPurrCats and Jazzy Cats putting on the Catsgiving show in San Mateo, California. November 4th, 5th and 6th.
Not actualy read over the PA system. See second draft: Daylight Savings Advice, Take 2

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