Birthday Poem for Frank

The "Before Lunch" poem for Frank.

OK. OK. I'm reading this poem "before" lunch
even though the event takes place "after" lunch
because you need this information to "plan" your lunch.
This month is October, the tenth month this year,
    And I've an announcement you all want to hear.
Just over there is some cake on the table
    Please go join them and help eat if you're able.

"But why," you ask, "is there cake?" And I say,
    "You know him.  It's Frank.  It's for his birthday."
He should be first to line up over there,
    If you've a birthday this month, get in line for your share.

We all should line up to get our own slice.
    As birthday cakes go, it looks very nice.
So, "Happy Birthday!" to those in October's rank.
    And especially so, to our friend Frank.

The "After Lunch" poem for Frank.

The time has come, the cake is there.
    Go get in line to get your share.
It's all to help Frank celebrate.
    There's lots of cake, so don't be late.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, October 16th, 2016
On the occasion of Purr Pourri of Kats putting on the cat show in Arcadia, California. October 15th and 16th.
As it was Frank's birthday,
Lynda Giggy asked for an announcement before lunch
letting people know there would be cake after lunch.

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