Jesse's Smartphone Withdrawal Symptoms Poem
(tune: "Yesterday" with apologies to the Beatles)
[dedicted to all us smartphone addicts]

Yesterday my smartphone was very far away.
How much I missed it is hard to say.
Oh, I was sad all yesterday.

Suddenly its LCD screen failed for me.
Working again was not to be.
It hit the ground so tragically.

	Why it had to drop I don't know, its hard to say.
	I held it wrong, it worked before yesterday.

Yesterday I could not stay for all the day.
Before the end I had rushed away.
Before the store closed yesterday.

	Why it had to crack, I don't know, now I must pay.
	For its repair, happening yesterday.

Yesterday I got to the store but they had this to say,
"Your phone's still broke, so please go away.
We didn't finish yesterday."

	Now I have to go to the store on another day.
	I hope it's not a repeat of yesterday.

-- © Martin Feather & Jesse Chisholm, September 25th, 2016
Friday I had dropped my cellphone, and left it at the store to be fixed.
Saturday, at the cat show, I joked about having withdrawal symptoms.
Martin noticed I really was a bit agitated.
So he wrote this poem in preparation for Sunday.
But we had expected my phone to be fixed.
It wasn't.
So we re-wrote portions to fit the new circumstances.

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