Yellow Cat From Texas
( to the tune: Yellow Rose Of Texas )

	There's a yellow cat from Texas, that's entered in ring three.
	Nobody hopes she wins, near half as much as me.
	She purred so when she got here, to San Diego's shore.
	If she wins first place, she'll have fame forever more.

She was the sweetest little kitten, back when she was brand new.
Her eyes were bright as diamonds, they sparkled like the dew.
I thought she was just happy, but little did I know.
She was planning how she's going to win, the TICA Annual Show.

As she grew from kittenhood, up to be a full grown cat.
Her attitude toward Cat Shows, improved now fancy that.
She likes to preen and play with toys, and kiss up don't you know.
The fun she has in show rings, at the TICA Annual Show.

Next year she won't be traveling, at least not near so far.
Instead of first class flying, she'll likely go by car.
But you should go to Texas, I'll tell you why I know.
'Cause Corpus Christi hosts next year's TICA Annual Show.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, August 22nd, 2016
On being requested to announce next year's TICA Annual, specifically to this tune.

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