When I was a kid I thought it was great,
Play-Doh in colors to mold and to make,
Animals and cars and planes and such,
But only three colors, I couldn't do much.
It tasted too salty, so I didn't eat,
Making things was sufficiently neat,
But Play-Doh will harden when left out like the rest,
So begging for more was a weekly request.
I haven't had Play-Doh since I was a kid,
I don't think it was 'cause the folks kept it hid.
I just stopped asking, so it faded away,
From the toys I played with in that youthful way.
'National' Play-Doh day, and you give me a treat.
A can of Play-Doh on my desk by my seat,
Play-Doh is so fun, I just had to say,
Today is the very first 'World' Play-Doh day!

-- © Jesse Chisholm, September 16th, 2015
On the occasion of
CoreLogic, Inc.
putting a can of Play-DOH on my desk in celebration of
National Play-DOH Day
which, this year, happens to also be
the first ever World Play-DOH Day
September 16th, 2015.

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