Tatiana's First Judging Day
Tatiana Kalani as you will recall,
Has shown many cats in this very hall.

As "Junior Exhibitor" is how she got started.
With Exemplary Honors is how they were parted.

As "clerk" she continued, and "show manager" was next.
She wanted to "judge" but was too young. (We were vext!)

A sojourn to college she did for awhile.
And then she returned to TICA with style. 

Her training to judge went smoothly and fast,
And now preparation is finished at last.

The committee all voted, 'twas unanimous they say.
So welcome Tatiana Kalani on her first Judging day.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, June 13th, 2015
On the occasion of
America's Finest Felines
putting on
Summer Days
on June 13th, 2015.

Also the occasion of Tatiana's first day as a Provisional Specialty Judge for TICA.

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