Wednesday the Eighth
( to the Hermann's Hermits tune: Henry the Eighth )
Wednesday the Eighth I am, I am.
Wednesday the Eighth I am.
I always follow the day next door, 
Tuesday the Seventh, you can be sure.
'Cause every week has a Wednesday.
Every month has an Eighth like I am.
I'm the Eighth of this month and I'm a Wednesday.
Wednesday the Eighth I am. 

In response, Claire Sears Barker sent this:
Second verse, bad like the first:
Jesse's ditty was a grin, it was.
Has me scrunch my face and pause.
If I hum this all day long,
I know who it was that did me wrong.
And everyone of the Chisholm Clan (Chisholm Clan)
Harnesses the silliness of rhyme (Yes they do!)
We're hoping there's no verse three
As lame as these first two!

-- © Jesse Chisholm, April 8th, 2015
   -- © Claire Sears Barker, April 8th, 2015
You know how sometimes a tune gets stuck in your head?
And how when you are half awake and still dreaming that things can get a little mixed up.
Well, this is what got stuck in my head as I was drifting awake at 5 am.

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