400 Cats

400 cat, you may think is a lot.
    I'm here to say, it really is not.

It's WORSE! By far than you might think.
    It makes me feel I'm going to sink.

Calls are coming from left and right.
    We started late and went into the night.

Please be quick, don't get in a crunch.
    Besides, right now it's time for lunch.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, September 1st, 2013
On the occasion of
Northwest Consortium,
putting on
Totam Cats, Annual Show and Awards Banquet.
In Bellevue, Washington on August 31st, September 1st, 2013.

I apologize, but this is only the parts I can remember.
I lost the original piece of paper I wrote it on.
If I ever find it, I'll update this page.

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