The King and Queen of Hearts
Saturday AM

The Queen of Hearts
    She Baked some tarts;
        Or so that's what she said.

The staff do know
    She didn't, though,
        She asked the Chef instead.

While tarts were cooling on the shelf
    The Knave strolled by and helped himself;
        As he was Prince, he didn't think it wrong.

The King of Hearts, when he was asked,
    Said, "Leave it be. I'm elsewise tasked.
        I'll be busy at the Cat Show all weekend long."

Saturday PM

The Queen of Hearts
    Got tired of tarts
        So she switched to showing cats.

The Knave of Hearts
    Instead of tarts
        Began collecting hats.

When told this changed
    The King arrainged
        To stay right where he's at.

This Haunted Weekend TICA Cat Show
    Put on by Jazzy Cats, you know,
        Is where the King announces all the cats.

To view the Realm
    The King and Queen of Hearts did go.
Traveling in strict secret
    They went, of course, in-cog-ni-to.

The King still talked at every town,
    It seems he had the knack.
The Knave still prowled around,
    Looking to find a snack.

The Queen she brought her favorite cats,
    To enter in the show.
200 cats sought ribbons that day,
    Or nearly. Didn't you know?

Twelve Judges gathered to test them all,
    To say, "These are the best!"
The cat dressed up as Superman
    Flew over all the rest.

Jazzy Cats thanks you, one and all.
    And invites you back, you know.
Come back next year, for we'll be here,
    At the Haunted Weekend Show.

- © Jesse Chisholm - 2011.10.01 and 2001.10.02
On the occasion of the Jazzy Cats Cat Club's
"Haunted Weekend" TICA Cat Show, October 1st and 2nd, 2011.

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