I call you friend, though we may never meet,
    Because your choice of military strife,
Means you face danger (in sun or sleet)
    To maintain our way of life.

The Liberty we enjoy at home
    The Freedom we assume is ours,
Is paid for by that well-filled tome
    Listing all your risk filled hours.

This Yule-Tide season your duty binds
    You far from family, comforts of home.
We hope these small gifts will remind
    You're not alone, where'er you roam.

Thank you, for your choice again,
    Stay safe, stay warm, 'til your tours end,
May heart-felt peace always remain,
    In short, Merry Christmas, my friend,

- © Jesse Chisholm
- [2010.11.24 - draft 1]
[2010.11.24 - draft 2]
To include in a care package
to a member of our Military
serving overseas.

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