Show Schedule

Mark your calendars, so you will know,
The schedule for each future show.

Next Weekend is, "The Title Match".
That needed ribbon you could catch.
Ten Rings, Four Congresses, for your cat.
Here in Arcadia is where it's at.

The very next weekend, "Cats Are Wild"
In Primm Nevada, this show's been filed.
Twelve Rings there, and a Congress for Sphynx.
It will be great fun is what I thinks.

Way off in September, one block off the Strip,
"Cats and Sin City" host your Las Vegas trip.
They have twelve Rings, for your cat's delight,
They explain it all on the TICA web site.

Now that your calendar is marked with such ease,
Go see our vendors. I'm asking you please.
They have lots of cat toys, beds, blankets and such.
So buy what you need. And, Thank you very much!

-- © Jesse Chisholm, February 21st, 2009
On the occasion of the San Gabriel Valley Cat Club's
TICA Cat Show, February 21st and 22nd, 2009.

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