Somewhere Over The Rainbow
( sort of to the tune: Somewhere Over The Rainbow )

Somewhere over the Rainbow
    Cat's say "Meow!"
Oh wait, that's not just over the rainbow
    Cats do that here and now.

Just scratch behind your kitty's ear
  And she will purr and chirp and cheer.
    She'll catch that feather toy and chew.
      That's how she says she's pleased and she'll keep you.

Somewhere catnip is waiting.
    Bring it "Neow!"
As long as she's entertained
    She won't destroy your couch.

  Just scratch beneath your kitty's chin.
    Up by the tail begin again.
      A belly rub would be all right.
        Then let her sleep all day and play all night.

Somewhere there is a Cat Show
    I can win.
If not this one, the next one.
    I'll enter my cat again.

--© Jesse Chisholm, February 17th, 2008
On the occasion of the San Gabriel Valley Cat Club's
TICA Cat Show, February 16th and 17th, 2008.

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