Alexandra's Reply
    (to Jesse's "I Do Not Lead a Cowboy's Life")

Highland style, with kith and kin,
    Was the life I grew up in.
"Scottish Clan" firm in my heart,
    Raised my daughters to take part.

Rode the horse, and loved the whale,
    Raised some dogs with pups for sale.
Pigs if raised on beer are loud,
    Tasty though, and feed the crowd.

Life throws curves, then comes the test,
    So you work and do your best.
Find a job to pay the bills,
    Buy the shoes and cure the ills.

Dancing helps with health and flair,
    Many styles, I chose the Square.
Swing your partner, Do-si-do,
    Round the square all eight will go.

Then one day I saw this lad,
    What he wore made my heart glad.
Kilted he, with highland shoes,
    Then I heard his special news:
I did not rent this kilt you see,
    It was made for me.
This is "The Chisholm", hunting style,
    I've had it for awhile.
I wear it dancing, 'cause of course,
    It's no good for horse.
I wear my boots and not these shoes,
    With my demin trews.

On that day I set the thought,
    Look him up I really ought,
When I want again to be
    Partner, not just fancy-free.

Weeks of dancing all about,
    Still he had not asked me out.
Daring fate and flaunting chance,
    I asked him out to a dance.

Sooner than I'd hoped or planned,
    Highland lad asked for my hand.
Made him tremble, made him guess,
    Three long seconds, then said "Yes!"

Highland Wedding on a hill,
    Jump the swords to piper's trill.
Whisky toast for all the hearty,
    Cowboy dance at "After Party".

Dreams long pushed out now had chances,
    So I asked between the dances,
Do you mind if I raise cats?
    Horses too? How fancy that?
I reckon cats are things I know.
    Sure, lets have a go.
Horses, though, don't those need land?
    This beach is naught but sand.
We'd have to move to where there's hay.
    What now do I say?
Happy Birthday, here's a horse,
    To start your herd, of course.

Cats don't hold still to be counted.
    Dozen horses now we've mounted.
Acres six, to hold them all.
    Pasture, barn and turn-out stall.

Horses, cats, I've still more dreams,
    Cat Judge next is what it seems.
My cats have their spotted fur,
    All cats love to share their purr.

Oldest daughter still trains horses,
    Teaching kids to ride their courses.
Buying, selling, horse in trade,
    That is how her money's made.

Youngest daughter college went.
    Business is how her mind's bent.
She'll do well, you can be sure.
    She's that thing: entrepreneur.

"Scottish Clan" is still my soul,
    My Scottish Man still makes me whole.
Both families now are kith and kin,
    The Highland Style we both grew in.
- -

[© 2006 - Jesse Chisholm]

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