Dr. Seuss Style Savings Time

On your nightstand there's a clock.
It may not tick, it may not tock,
But turn it, please, one hour ahead
Or you'll be late! (I don't mean dead)
I mean the Summer Savings Time
That's the purpose of this rhyme.

You might think this is just a joke,
It being April First and me such a bloke,
But I swear it was the President
Who took our clocks and made them bent.
Me, I'm telling you straight
Change your clocks and don't be late.

Set your clock ahead one hour
You'll loose some sleep, but don't be sour.
It is all for a very good cause,
You'll groom your cats and clean their paws.
It's Daylight Savings Time, you know.
At Nine O'Clock we'll start the show.

-- © Jesse Chisholm, April 1st, 2006
On the occasion of the Jazzy Cats Cat Club's
Kool Kat TICA Cat Show, to remind the exhibitors
that this was the weekend of the Daylight Savings
Time change.

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