Christmas 2005

Christmas comes but once a year,
So lift with me your glass of cheer.
There's so much to be thankful for,
If you've not enough, I'll tell you more.

We've friends and family gathered round,
Neighbors can become friends, I've found.
There's music and singing and kids a-playing
There's plenty right here, is what I'm saying.

For example, my wife Alex, I'll introduce to you:
She's a Cat Judge, a horse Breeder and Trainer, too.
We've two lovely daughters, for which she gets the credit,
They don't look like me, if they did they'd regret it.

Our oldest, named Chrissy, has a business, of course,
She trains horses to ride, and riders to horse.
Our youngest, Suzette, gets out of college next year,
She plans to own a business, and soon will, never fear.

Our brothers and sisters and uncles and cousins,
Our aunts, nieces, nephews, they number in dozens.
They're scattered around, we're a well traveled clan.
But we've all got cell-phones with a really good plan.

So when we can't get together, the miles seem too far,
Email and cell-phone can do better than the car,
To bring us together, in mind, if not body,
In this fast paced world, that ain't too shoddy.

Christmas comes but once, they say,
But blessings are for every day.
So call your kin and let them hear,
You've raised for them a cup of cheer.

[© 2005 - Jesse Chisholm]

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