Surnames in weathers.ged grouped by Russell Soundex (modified)

( Coded in all possible ways:

not all names require all four variations )

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A652 Armstrong,
B240 Boswell,
B400 Bailey, Bulla,
B420 Black,
B426 Blocker,
B620 Burrows,
C142 Ceballos,
C145 Copeland,
C245 Chisholm,
C250 Chishom [Chisholm],
C400 Cole,
C452 Collins,
C560 Conner,
C563 Conrad,
D120 Davis,
E152 Evans,
F200 Fuegy,
F410 Flippo,
F626 Fraser,
H142 Havlik,
H425 Holcomb,
H615 Harbinson,
H620 Harris, Hargue [McHargue],
H623 Hurst,
H630 Hart,
J525 Johnson,
K000 Kee [McKee],
K230 Kjostad,
K610 Kerby,
L510 Lamb,
M200 McKee,
M262 McHargue,
M320 Matthews,
M450 Maloney,
M532 Mendez,
M610 Murphy,
M635 Martin,
P362 Patterson,
P523 Pennington,
P600 Perry,
R163 Robertson,
R216 Roseberry,
R262 Rogers,
S326 Setzer,
S363 Street,
S415 Slavinsky,
S600 Serie,
T400 Tally,
T512 Thompson,
W362 Weathers,
W463 Willard,
W630 Ward,
Y520 Young,

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