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These are links to other genealogically interesting web sites. I started this list at the request of Loren and Linda Thurman of Thurman's Quest. They have a really extensive site that you should go see. Designed by genealogists for genealogists -- The Parish Chest, the premier online family history and genealogical shop. Here you can buy just about everything to help you trace your ancestors and build your family tree.

Thurman's Knight A site filled with information about the Thurman surname, and many many related surnames. Check it out.

Various Links

Along The Chisholm Trail Along The Chisholm Trail

Cyndi's List -- Links to many other genealogical sites.
Family Roots -- Pictou and Antigonish counties, Nova Scotia
Oklahoma Historical Society -- museaum and sites
-- The Surname Genealogy Web Project


GenForum -- Top site for numerous surname forums

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