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NOTE: This is a work in progress that only started in 1976. I gathered much of this information in an informal way from then until 1996, when this web page got started. If you see errors or ommissions, they are solely my own fault. Please send any and all correcting information to me at Jesse.Chisholm@gmail.com. Thank you.

I have recently found (made) time to convert my records into GEDCOM format. I also wrote a program to split it out into various HTML file. ( I liked my hand done ones, it was just too hard to maintain them by hand. ) All the old information has been incorporated, plus all the new information that I have gathered in the past several months.

You may browse my information on-line by selecting one of these links:

Recently (15 May 1998) I acquired and folded in the notes by Ethel Kirkpatrick on the connections between the Davis clan and the Chisholm clan. Follow this link to read this Davis Genealogy document.

Chart 1. (Other Genealogies)

"Tong - Tonge - Tongue (and allied families)", 1974, edited by Rear Admiral Herald F. Stout, USN (Retired). Published by FINLEY-STOUT-TONG Family Association. Portions relating to my direct ancestors used and noted.

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