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The Clan Chisholm Society Website.

This collection of data is, for the most part, a gathering of secondary sources. I am still working on digging down to the primary sources. The information so far gathered is offered for your edification with that caveat in mind.

Given the nature of genealogical research and secondary sources, there are some inconsistancies in the data that I have gathered. Where possible, I have chosen which version of history I believe to be the more accurate. In any case, I try to point out the places that I notice inconsistancies. Errors in this presentation of Chisholm Genealogy are therefore mine. If you notice something that I didn't, I would appreciate hearing about it. --

(S27) "Chisholm is from 'Cheseholm' meaning meadow where cheese was made."

(S35) The name derives from the Norman French, 'Chese', to choose and the Saxon 'holm', meaning meadow.

Chisholm -- (a waterside meadow where cheese was made) --

Chisholm -- (a waterside meadow good for producing cheese) --


_UNKNOWN_NAME_, Allen, Andrews, Armstrong, Asbury, Bagwell, Bailey, Bandy, Bantam, Barnett, Barnhart, Biggs, Black, Boren, Boswell, Bowen, Bowles, Bradley, Breen, Brown, Bruner, Burns, Burrows, Butler, Bynum, Campbell, Canales, Casey, Chisholm, Clark, Clevenger, Cochran, Colbert, Cole, Collins, Comstock, Conner, Conrad, Cooke, Crawford, Crooker, Crosson, Daniels, Dauss, Davenport, Davis, de Demencio, Downs, Dyer, Edwards, Evans, Everett, Fauling, Fawling, Ford, Fore, Fransito, Fraser, Garner, Goldsworthy, Gooch, Graaham, Greer, Griffith, Hall, Harbinson, Harmon, Harper, Hart, Heath, Hilliard, Holmes, Hueras, Humphreys, Hurst, Johnson, Johnston, Jueras, Kerby, King, Kirkpatrick, Lake, Lamb, Lawson, Lawton, Lee, Lipartito, Lird, Locke, Lynde, MacDonald, Mann, Martin, Massengill, McCulloch, McDonald, McGregor, McIntosh, McKee, McKeel, McLish, McMahon, McNaughton, McQueen, Mendez, Murphy, Owen, Perkins, Perry, Pethley, Pitman, Pruitt, Putnam, Ranck, Ray, Rogers, Russell, Savoie, Schwartz, See, Sims, Smith, Snyder, Somerville, Sommerville, Strickland, Syphrett, Taylor, Thomas, Tong, Tongue, Turner, Wade, Ward, Watson, Waugh, Weathers, Wetherly, Wharton, White, Williams, Wohlgamuth, Young, Zingarell,

Birth or Death Decades

1730, 1740, 1750, 1760, 1770, 1780, 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, _UNKNOWN_DATE_, _ALIVE_,


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Sources of Information

TitleBooks not yet acquired:
Note"The Chisholms: being a brief history of the origin of the Chisholm family with special reference to the Chisholms of Maryland" by Nydegger, James Archibald, (b 1864 - ?) Pub: University Microsfilms Int'l, Ann Arbor, MI (2 microfiches) Original publish date: 1922 Their phone number is: (313) 761-4700 UMI order number: G001401
Note"Chisholm Genealogy: being a record of the name from AD 1254, with short sketches of allied families" by Chisolm, William Garnett, (b 1890 - ?) Copyright 1914 Pub: Library of Congress Photoduplication service, Washington, DC. 1 35mm Microfilm reel. Original publisher: Knickerbocker Press, New York Contents of special note: "Alexander Chisholm married Janet Fraser, and immigrated about 1717 from Scotland to land near Charlston, SC. Descendents lived in SC, NC, VA, MD and elsewhere. Includes some scottich ancestry."
Note"Jesse Chisholm : The Story of a Trailblazer and Peacemaker in Early Texas and Oklahoma" by Sybil Jarnagin O'Rear Published 1997 Available from for $9.06, in hardcover.
Note"Jesse Chisholm : Trail Blazer, Sam Houston's Trouble-Shooter Friend, Kin to the Cherokee" by Ralph B. Cushman Published 1995 Available from for $16.95, in paperback (special order).
NoteHistorical Southern Families Mrs. John Bennett Boddie Volumes XVII -- 1972. Reprint. Clearfield Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD. 1994. Volumes XXI -- 1976. Reprint. Clearfield Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD. 1995.
TitleFamily oral traditions.
NoteGrowing up, I heard stories of my great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Chisholm(I001) .
NoteMy grandfather used to have many old things, but his house burned down, destroying them all. The insurance company was cheating people, they tried to talk people into doubling their coverage, then would return and set the house on fire. The fire department would see that it was arson. The insurance company would say the person did it on purpose to get the money. The company was caught because my grandfather refused to increase his coverage since it was already at the value of the house.
TitleJesse Chisholm - Ambassador to the Plains
AuthorStan Hoig
Publication 1991 University Press of Colorado
Date6 SEP 1939
AuthorMary V. Chisholm Cooke(I024)
NoteOriginal memoirs retained by Mrs. Pat Bagwell Strickland , granddaughter of Mary V. Chisholm Cooke.
TitleEmail conversations with Wesley Reed Waugh
AuthorWesley Reed Waugh
ID Number
Date16 Feb 1997 - 18 Feb 1997
TitleTong - Tonge - Tongue (and allied families)
AuthorRear Admiral Herald F. Stout, USN (Retired)
PublicationFINLEY-STOUT-TONG Family Association
NoteI've only included the information for Arthur Paul Bailey(I110) and his ancestors and descendants. There are numerous individuals, pictures, and stories in this book that I have not included here.
AuthorRichard Kieth Bailey
NoteMy mother's brother is working on the genealogy of the Bailey and related families.
AuthorPhyllis Elizabeth Bailey Chisholm
NoteMy mother is working on the genealogy of the Breen family.
TitleEmail conversations.
AuthorWilliam Bradley Chisholm(I226)
AuthorSubmitted by individual, or relative of individual, via form on my website. When possible, I contact the person for more details. If it was long enough ago, before I started using GEDCOM, I may have lost the contact information. For this I apologize.
AuthorJoelle Grossen
NoteSubmitted via form on my website.
TitleEmail conversations with Antoinette Russell
AuthorAntoinette Russell
ID Number
TitleEmail conversations with J. Daniel Mahar
AuthorJ. Daniel Mahar
TitlePosted to a genealogy forum.
AuthorDonna /Holmes/ Ward
DateFebruary 28, 1998
NoteI am looking for Angus Chisholm born abt. 1872 in Canada and Freda Chisholm born Feb. 15, 1904 in Brainerd, Minn.
DateJune 27, 1997
NoteI'm looking for Clara Kerr born abt 1884 were I don't know. Married to Angus Chisholm born abt 1867. they had one child that I know of named Freda Chisholm born Feb. 15, 1904 in Brainerd, Minn. Would like any information on this family . Thanks for any help.
TitleEmail conversations with Kristine Lipartito
AuthorKristine Lipartito
ID Number
NoteSee also (S39)
TitleEmail conversations with Keely Denning
AuthorKeely Denning
TitleRoster of Students at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA 1879-1918
TitleEmail conversations with Grey Chisholm
AuthorGrey Chisholm
ID Number
DateTue, 20 Jan 1998
NoteMet C.E. Chisolm. He is an eighth generation decendant of Capt. John D. Chisholm of Scotland. His branch of the Chisholm's settled in Mississipppi. He dosn't folow the geneology himself but has a cousin that has compiled quite a bit. C.E. gave me his brother's phone number. C.E.'s brother has the cousin's number that has the geneology info. There is also supposed to be a couple of books on the "Chisholm Masacre" and "the Chisholms of Kendal County" I'll follow up and let you guys know what I find.
TitleEmail conversations with Jim Lockhart
AuthorJim Lockhart
TitleThe Chisholms: being a brief history of the origin of the Chisholm family with special reference to the Chisholms of Maryland.
AuthorNydegger, James Archibald, b 1864
PublicationUniversity Microsfilms Int'l, Ann Arbor, MI (2 microfiches) Original publish date: 1922
NoteTheir phone number is: (313) 761-4700 UMI order number: G001401
TitleChisholm Genealogy: being a record of the name from AD 1254, with short sketches of allied families.
AuthorChisolm, William Garnett, b 1890
PublicationKnickerbocker Press, New York
TextContents: "Alexander Chisholm married Janet Fraser, and immigrated about 1717 from Scotland to land near Charlston, SC. Descendents lived in SC, NC, VA, MD and elsewhere. Includes some scottich ancestry."
TitleEmail conversations with Ann Louise Chisholm Lake
AuthorAnn Louise Chisholm Lake
ID Number
TitleEmail conversations with Dinah Savoie
AuthorDinah Savoie
ID Number
DateMon, 23 Mar 1998
NoteMy Grandmother (my dad's mother) was Dorothy O. Chisholm Dorothy had three sisters: Luella(I544) , Blanche(I545) and Florence(I546) . I do not know Dorothy's father's first name, but he died at about age 89. A town by the name of Chisholm was named for him (or his father, whom I believe was Jesse).
DateMon, 30 Mar 1998
NoteWhat do you know about Archibald Chisholm? Anything?
Date2 June 1998
NoteI got some information from Long Prairie, Minnesota yesterday. My grandmother's father was J. A. Chisholm(I539) and her mother was Lizzie Schwantz(I540) . I am still searching for information and will write Long Prairie back and see what they can find on J. A. Chisholm's lineage.
NoteI finally received a copy of my grandmother's birth certificate. The only information I could glean from it is that her father (my great grandfather) named J. A. Chisholm was born in Wisconsin. I have no date of his birth. My grandmother (J. A.'s daughter) was born in 1902, so J. A. could have been born around 1870 or so.
TitleMiscellaneous references found on web searches.
NoteCaroline Chisholm (married Archibald Chisholm in 1832)
NoteSome Chisholm's mentioned in the UK's Royal Database
NoteThere is a Brian Archibald Chisholm currently enrolled at St. Francis Xavier University in the Dept. of Human Kinetics.
NoteArchibald J. Chisholm who is Vice Principal of the Guysborough Family Schools in Novia Scotia.
NoteAnother little known John Chisholm
NoteCanadian "Chisholm" sites
NotePassengers on the DOVE came to Pictou in 1801:
Notea John and an Alexander Chisholm in North Carolina in 1829; sold their land in Robeson County, NC to Amos Nichols.
NoteChisholms, Frasers, and McQueens as being early Scot settlers. The court house was burned in early 1870s.
NoteMore South Carolina information on some John Chisholm here:
NoteTenessee information tidbits here:
NoteA marraige reference:
TitleHistorical Southern Families
AuthorMrs. John Bennett Boddie
PublicationClearfield Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD.
NoteVolume XVII -- 1972. Reprint 1994.
NoteVolume XXI -- 1976. Reprint 1995.
TitleEmail conversations with Marianne and Sarah Chisholm
AuthorMarianne and Sarah Chisholm
TitleEmail conversations with Robert Gordon
AuthorRobert Gordon
NoteThe Chisholms are of Norman origin and settled first in the Lowlands of Scotland. Then a member of the family moved north and made a good marriage. In 1359 Sir Robert Chisholm was installed as Constable of Urquhart Castle and later as Sheriff of Inverness. His eldest son Alexander married the heiress of Erchless and from this union came the Chisholms of Stratglas and Comar. Their holdings were extensive. At the time of the '45, the youngest son of the chief led the clan in support of Prince Charles. He had 80 Chisholms with him at the Battle of Culloden, the remainder being away on patrol. (source-"Highland Heritage' by Grace Campbell)
NoteChisholm is a family twice descended from royalty and through the de l'ards from the earls of Strathern and Orkney and King of Norway and also descended from the McKenzies of Gairlock, Tarbat, Red Castle, Applecross and the Earl of Seaforth,the McIntoshes and McDonalds. Chisholm is an ancient family descended from the Earl of Athole, the last representative of Donald Bane, King of Scotland. (source-'The Beville Family' by Tedcastle)
NoteThe Chisholm Family Line
John Chisholm (parents unknown) b.? married ? 
Elizabeth Chisholm b. 1773/74 married James Pelot (see Pelot ancestry) 
James Decatur Pelot married Susannah M. Cooper 
Elizabeth Lavinia Pelot married George Tyler Rogers 
Cornelius Decatur Rogers married Mary Ellen Murchison 
Margaret Murchison Rogers married James Tinley Ryder 
Mary Ella Ryder married Z.L. Chancellor
TitleEmail conversations with Brian A. Sullivan
DateFri, 01 May 1998
AuthorBrian A. Sullivan
NoteMy maternal great-grandmother was Catherine Chisholm (b. 1866 in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia-d. 1906 Roxbury, MA). Her parents were William Chishom (d.1892) and Margaret (Chisholm) Chisholm (d.1919).
DateJUNE 1939
NoteTitle page is missing from this photocopy of a pamphlet on Chisholm Genealogy. The publication date is infered from comments in the pamphlet.
NoteSome information in this document is inconsistant with other sources. I will have to live with these inconsistancies until I can find primary sources to confirm which is most accurate.
TitlePosted on Chisholm Discussion Forum
AuthorRodney Chisholm
NoteLike so many others, I have hit a snag in the search for my roots and would appreciate any assistance. My great grandfather was named William Alexander Chisholm. The birth date I have for him is Nov. 26, 1859 in Montgomery, Alabama, although I am not certain of this fact(one of our family members states that William and his brother came directly from Scotland). I believe that his wife's name was Parmelia Ellazine Morgan who was born in 1867 in Ida, Louisiana. William (who went by the nickname, Sandy) and his brother Roderick Campbell Chisholm were traveling to Texas when Roderick fell sick and died in a rural area south of Magnolia Arkansas. I have seen his gravestone in the Hepzabah Baptist church graveyard. William was killed in a gun battle in Vivian, Louisiana in 1898. If any of these names, dates, or places look familiar please give me your input. If the fact of Montgomery Alabama as William's birthplace is true, I would especially appreciate any verification of Chisholms living in that area. William Alexander Chisholm had five children: Thurman, Clarence (my grandfather), Joe, William, and May. Thanks for any help.
TitlePosted on Chisholm Discussion Forum
NoteI found a book at my local library that is a biography on Jesse Chisholm. (I think the author spells it that way) As a 4th or 5th (something like that) niece, I found it quite interesting. I don't remember the author's name, but he is a professor at OU. (Oklahoma University). Would like to exchange or recieve some info - you can e-mail me.
TitlePosted on Chisholm Discussion Forum
NoteLooking for information on Mamie Vallant Chisholm born in 1896 in Lewisburg Tennessee. Married Rex Andrew Neal from Winchester Tennessee. They had children named Rex Neal JR, Don Neal, William G. Neal and Nola Frances Neal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please E-Mail me directly as I may not check this page often.
TitlePosted on Chism Discussion Forum
AuthorSharon Chism Blair
NoteI'm looking for JAMES or BENJAMIN CHISM, born about 1853 Ark. or Tenn. or Ky. Any help would be WONDERFUL.
TitlePosted on Chism Discussion Forum
AuthorStan Chism
NoteFather Obediah, Born conway Co. Ark. What would you like to know?
TitlePosted on Chism Discussion Forum
AuthorJane McBride
NoteJohn and William Chism, in MontgomeryCo. Tn. , early 1800's, Which one was the father of girls, who married Bogard brothers. Have been on this line, for many years, and still at a dead end.
NoteDo you have the names of the daughters? I have a lot of info on Chism line from Virginia, Tennessee. There are several John and William given names at that time period. If I knew the names of the daughters that married the Bogard brothers, it might help. I am willing to share and trade information.
TitleCHISHOLM : a brief history
TitleJesse Chisholm's Grave
AuthorJames Chisholm
TitleNative American Genealogy
NoteSee sub page on Sequoyah :
NoteThere is listed a "Nannie Downing" who married "Richard Bowles". If this is the Nannie Bowles(I023) who married Jesse Chisholm(I001) , that would establish the connetion to Sequoyah. I was told as a child that Sequoyah was related to Jesse Chisholm(I001) .
TitleEthel Kirkpatrick's notes on Davis Genealogy and connections to the Chisholm Clan.
DateAug 1969
AuthorEthel Kirkpatrick(I414)
Note(S14) -- Ron Crooker , father of Kristine Lipartito , sent this to me, May 1998.
Date9 May 1998
NoteSent to me by Mrs. Pat Strickland. (See also(S04) )
NoteFrom a photocopy of a page from "The Chronicles Of Oklahoma" --
JOHN D. CHISHOLM (d. 1818)(I049) 
    m. Betsey Fauling(F009)(I044) 
        Ignatius Chisholm (see below)(I002) 
        Deborah Chisholm(I046) 
            m. Wm. Massengill 
        Elizabeth Chisholm(I045) 
            m. John Sommerville(F127)(I403) 
    m. Martha Holmes(F011)(I050) 
        James Chisholm(I356) 
        Joseph Chisholm(I357) 
        Dennis Chisholm(I358) 
        Isaac Chisholm(I359) 
        Thomas Chisholm (1790 - 1834)(I051) 
            m. Martha Wharton(F116)(I360) 
                Martha Chisholm (died young)(I361) 
                Jane Chisholm(I362) 
                    m. J. B. Lynde 
                Alfred Finney Chisholm (d. 1862)(I363) 
                William Wharton Chisholm(I364) 
                Narcissa Chisholm(I365) 
                    m. Robert L. Owen(F117)(I367) 
                        William O. Owen(I368) 
                        Robert L. Owen (U.S. Senator)(I369) 
                Thomas Chisholm (died young)(I366) 
    m. Patsy Brown(F012)(I052) 
Ignatius Chisholm (c. 1778 - 1837)(I002) 
    m. Corn Tassle's Sister(F001)(I003) 
        Jesse Chisholm (see below)(I001) 
        John Chisholm(I005) 
            m. Polly /?/(F118)(I370) 
                Toby Chisholm (b. 1842)(I371) 
                Nancy Chisholm (b. 1848)(I372) 
                Betsy Chisholm (b. 1850)(I373) 
                David Chisholm (b. 1852)(I374) 
                Jane Chisholm (b. 1854)(I375) 
                James Chisholm (b. 1857)(I376) 
                Thomas Chisholm (b. 1859)(I377) 
                Elizabeth Chisholm (b. 1862)(I378) 
                Lewis Chisholm (b. 1866)(I379) 
        William Chisholm (no known issue)(I006) 
    m. Martha Rogers(F010)(I048) 
        Martha Chisholm (b. 1812)(I007) 
            m. Dave Biggs(F110)(I334) 
                DeWitt C. Biggs (b. 1830)(I335) 
                Bennett Biggs (b. 1834)(I345) 
                Margaret A. Biggs (b. 1836)(I337) 
                Mary I. Biggs (b. 1836)(I336) 
                John Biggs (b. 1841)(I339) 
                David Biggs (b. 1842)(I346) 
                Jacqueline Biggs (b. 1844)(I347) 
                Christopher Biggs (b. 1846)(I338) 
                Narcissa Biggs (b. 1848)(I340) 
        George Chisholm (b. 1814)(I009) 
        Nelson Chisholm (b. 1846)(I008) 
Jesse Chisholm (c. 1805 - 1868)(I001) 
    m. Eliza Edwards(F003)(I010) 
        William Edwards Chisholm (1837 - 1880)(I013) 
            m. Hester Butler (Cochran)(F119)(I380) 
                Caroline Chisholm(I381) 
            m. Julia Ann McLish(F008)(I235) 
                Eliza Chisholm (b. 1864)(I025) 
                Angeline Chisholm (b. 1866)(I026) 
                Mary V. Chisholm (b. 1868)(I024) 
                Alice Chisholm (b. 1870)(I027) 
                Cora Ann Chisholm (b. 1872)(I028) 
                Estella Chisholm (b. 1875)(I029) 
                Julia Ann Chisholm (b. 1876)(I030) 
                William Chisholm (b. 1880)(I031) 
    m. (possible second wife)(I023) 
        John (or Jepee) Chisholm(I014) 
            m. ?(F021) 
                Joseph Austin Chisholm(I093) 
                    m. Mary Murphy(F022)(I094) 
                        Homer Dawn Chisholm 
                            m. ?(F023) 
                                Rosemary Chisholm 
                            m. Melba Lucille Weathers(F024) 
                                Leonard Dawn Chisholm 
                                    m. Phyllis Elizabeth Bailey(F025) 
                                        Mark Patrick (Hurst) Chisholm 
                                            m. Celia Ann Kerby(F028) 
                                                Christina Dorothea Chisholm 
                                                Michael Paul Chisholm 
                                        Paul Grey Chisholm 
                                            m. Michele Mendez(F029) 
                                        Richard Jesse Chisholm 
                                            m. Alexandra Fraser(F030) 
                                        Jennetta Blanche Chisholm 
                                        m. Richard Martin(F032) 
                                        Matthew Dawn Chisholm 
                                            m. Noele Johnson(F033) 
                                                Allisa Rose Chisholm 
                                            m. Shannon ?(F034) 
                                                Celeste ? 
                                Joseph Chisholm 
                                LaVonne Chisholm 
                                Kay Chisholm 
        George Chisholm(I032) 
    m. Sah-kah-kee McQueen(F005)(I015) 
        Jennie Chisholm (b. c. 1847)(I016) 
            m. Buck Beaver(F120)(I382) 
                Cora (b. 1872)(I383) 
                Lucinda (b. 1874)(I384) 
                Frank (b. 1876)(I385) 
            m. Albert Harper(F121)(I386) 
                Alfred Harper (b. 1883) 
            m. Sam Davis(F122)(I388) 
        Lucinda Chisholm(I033) 
            m. White Turkey(F126)(I402) 
        Frank (Jesse) Chisholm (b. c. 1855)(I034) 
            m. Lucy Little Bear(F123)(I389) 
                Jesse Chisholm (b. 1890) 
                Nellie Chisholm (b. 1896) 
        Mary Chisholm (b. c. 1860)(I043) 
            m. Jesse Cochran(F063)(I231) 
                Rocky Cochran(I392) 
                Walter Cochran(I393)
TitleEmail conversations with Cathleen Harrell Marcade
AuthorCathleen Harrell Marcade
TitleEmail conversations with Paul A. Roales
AuthorPaul A. Roales
Date21 Jan 1997
TitleEmail Conversations with Glen Seeber
AuthorGlen Seeber
Date22 Jan 1997
TitleEmail Conversations with Matthew Franz
AuthorMatthew Franz
Date19 Mar 1997
TitleScottish Settlers in North America
PublicationScottish Gazette (Circa 1840)
AuthorBen Chisholm-Broomfield
TitleEmail conversation with Stan Chism
AuthorStan Chism
Date27 July 1998
TitleExcerpts from "Tennessee Cousins"
NoteVarious excerpts from the book "Tennessee Cousins" send to me by Stan Chism.
TitleThe Chisholm / Weathers Family Reunion
DateJuly 4th, 1998
NoteHarrison, Arkansas, USA
TitleCHISHOLM, JESSE (1805?-1868)
AuthorT. C. Richardson
NoteCopy of this article sent to me by Horatio Paul McAfee
TitleJesse Chisholm Chapter No. 57
AuthorSons of the Republic of Texas
RepositoryOdessa, Texas

NoteOriginal memoirs retained by Mrs. Pat Bagwell Strickland , granddaughter of Mary V. Chisholm Cooke.(I024)
Note Original web site:
NoteMirror website:
NameWWW Posting:
Chisholm, Enoch P. 
    Gender: Male 
            McMahon, Amanda Alabama Missouri 
            Birth : 14 Apr 1820 Lawrence Co., Alabama, USA 
            Death : AFT. 1851 
            Gender: Female 
                Father: McMahon, Samuel Doak 
                Mother: Young, Phoebe
NameRoster of Students at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA 1879-1918
NoteSubset with name CHISHOLM ( or name sounding sorta like CHISHOLM )
NameCopyright 1914 Pub: Library of Congress Photoduplication service, Washington, DC. 1 35mm Microfilm reel.
Name(pamphlet on Chisholm Genealogy)
NameWWW Posting:
NameWWW Posting:
NameWWW Page:
NameWWW Posting:
NoteSee sub page on Sequoyah :
NameEthel Kirkpatrick's notes on Davis Genealogy and connections to the Chisholm Clan.
NameThe Chronicles Of Oklahoma
NameWWW Posting:
NameWWW Posting:
NoteVarious exceprts from the book "Tennessee Cousins" sent to me by Stan Chism.
NameHandbook Of Texas
NoteArticle "CHISHOLM, JESSE (1805?-1868)" by T. C. Richardson.

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NameJesse Chisholm
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