Surname "Smith" in chis.ged

Information about individuals KNOWN to be alive has been suppressed!
Information about some individuals may have been suppressed on their request!
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I438FemaleEtta /Andrews/
Etta Andrews /Smith/
?? F139,
I431FEMALEDidama /Bowen/
Didama /Boren/
Didama Bowen /Chisholm/
Didama Bowen Chisholm /Smith/
?? F136, F137,
I435FemaleBell /Smith/??
I434MaleEdward /Smith/??F137,
I450FemaleEssie /Smith/??F137,
I433FemaleFannie /Smith/
Fanny /Smith/
Fannie Smith /Lawson/?
Fannie Smith /Lawton/?
??F137, F146,
I456MaleFrank /Smith/??F139,
I421MaleGranville /Smith/??F139,
I451FemaleHestelle /Smith/??F137,
I449MaleJames /Smith/??F137,
I437MaleJohn Newton /Smith/
called: Newt
??F137, F139,
I432MaleSamuel /Smith/?? F137,
I417FemaleSuzie E. /Smith/
Suzie E. Smith /Garner/
??F137, F147,
I436MaleThomas H. /Smith/??F137, F138,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in

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