Surname "Collins" in chis.ged

Information about individuals KNOWN to be alive has been suppressed!
Information about some individuals may have been suppressed on their request!
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I209FemaleSarah Emma /Breen/
Sarah Emma Breen /Collins/
??F049, F051,
I213MaleGeorge William? /Collins/?? F052,
I218FemaleGrace /Collins/??F051,
I217FemaleLilly /Collins/??F051,
I216FemaleNevada /Collins/??F051,
I215MaleWendell /Collins/??F051,
I212MaleWilliam Wiley /Collins/??F052, F051,
I214FemaleHarriet /Lird/
Harriet Lird /Collins/
?? F052,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in

Time Line

1890 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1894 I209 Sarah Emma /Breen/: F051: Marriage I212 William Wiley /Collins/: F051: Marriage

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