Surname "Cochran" in chis.ged

Information about individuals KNOWN to be alive has been suppressed!
Information about some individuals may have been suppressed on their request!
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I380FemaleHester /Butler/
Hester /Cochran/
Hester /Chisholm/
?? F119,
I043FemaleMary /Chisholm/
Mary Chisholm /Cochran/
c. 1867?F005, F063,
I231MaleJesse /Cochran/?? F063,
I392MaleRocky /Cochran/??F063,
I393MaleWalter /Cochran/??F063,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in

Time Line

1860 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1860 I380 Hester /Butler/: F119: Marriage 1867 I043 Mary /Chisholm/: Birth

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