Surname "Chisholm" in chis.ged

Information about individuals KNOWN to be alive has been suppressed!
Information about some individuals may have been suppressed on their request!
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I003Female? /?/ (Corn Tassle's sister)
? /Chisholm/
??F002, F001,
I037? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I038? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I039? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I040? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I041? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I042? /?/
? /Chisholm/
I273Female? /?/
? /Chisholm/
?? F085,
I316Female? /?/
? /Chisholm/
?? F105,
I394FemaleAmy /?/
Amy /Chisholm/
?? F065,
I520FemaleClara /?/
Clara ? /Chisholm/
?? F161,
I020FemaleGuadalupe /?/
Guadalupe /Chisholm/
I018MaleJackson /?/
Jackson /Chisholm/
??F006, F065, F066, F124,
I282FemaleJulia /?/
Julia /Chisholm/
c.1823? F089,
I398FemaleNancy /?/
Nancy /Chisholm/
?? F125,
I370FemalePolly /?/
Polly /Chisholm/
?? F118,
I301FemaleTheresia /?/
Theresia /Barnett/
Theresia Barnett /Chisholm/
?? F099, F098,
I227FemaleThu T. /?/
Thu T. /Chisholm/
?? F060,
I430FemaleMargaret N. /Allen/
Margaret Allen /Chisholm/
Aug 8, 1832Dec 31, 1919 F141,
I431FEMALEDidama /Bowen/
Didama /Boren/
Didama Bowen /Chisholm/
Didama Bowen Chisholm /Smith/
?? F136, F137,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I023FemaleNannie /Bowles/
Nannie Bowles /Chisholm/
?? F160, F007,
I052FemalePatsy /Brown/
Patsy Brown /Chisholm/
?? F012,
I380FemaleHester /Butler/
Hester /Cochran/
Hester /Chisholm/
?? F119,
I054FemaleSarah /Campbell/
Sarah Campbell /Chisholm/
?? F014,
I021Cedra /Canales/
Cedra Canales /Chisholm/
I035? /Chisholm/??F005,
I036? /Chisholm/??F005,
I228? /Chisholm/??F060,
I291Male? /Chisholm/??F091, F092,
I531MaleAlbert /Chisholm/?ABT 1 year oldF162,
I363MaleAlfred Finney /Chisholm/?1862F116,
I027FemaleAlice /Chisholm/
Alice Chisholm /Asbury/
12 FEB 187019 OCT 1911F008, F061,
I026FemaleAngeline /Chisholm/
Angeline Chisholm /Lee/
14 MAR 18661894F008, F064,
I290MaleArnette /Chisholm/??F090, F091,
I319Ausborne /Chisholm/??F105,
I429MALEBenjamin Franklin /Chisholm/
Ben Frank /Chisholm/
23 Jan 18208 Mar 1896F145, F136, F141,
I373FemaleBetsy /Chisholm/1850?F118,
I318FemaleBlanche /Chisholm/??F105,
I545FemaleBlanche /Chisholm/??F165,
I527Bobby /Chisholm/??F162,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I381FemaleCaroline /Chisholm/??F119,
I397MaleCharlie /Chisholm/??F124,
I223MaleClarence /Chisholm/??F056, F057,
I028FemaleCora Ann /Chisholm/
Cora Ann Chisholm /McKeel/
23 SEP 18726 JAN 1926F008, F062,
I374MaleDavid /Chisholm/1852?F118,
I046FemaleDeborah /Chisholm/
Deborah Chisholm /Massengill/
I358MaleDennis /Chisholm/??F011,
I263FemaleDorthey /Chisholm/??F082,
I300MaleDudly /Chisholm/?? F100, F098,
I284MaleDully /Chisholm/??F089,
I315MaleEarl G. /Chisholm/??F104,
I281MaleEdward /Chisholm/c. 1816? F089,
I047MaleElijah /Chisholm/??F009, F055,
I025FemaleEliza E. /Chisholm/29 MAR 186418 FEB 1886F008,
I045FemaleElizabeth /Chisholm/
Elizabeth Chisholm /Sommerville/
Elizabeth Chisholm /Somerville/
??F009, F127,
I060FemaleElizabeth /Chisholm/
Elizabeth Chisholm /Downs/
20 OCT 184110 OCT 1926F014, F015,
I378FemaleElizabeth /Chisholm/1862?F118,
I061FemaleEllen /Chisholm/??F014,
I352MaleEnoch Parsons /Chisholm/ABT 11 Dec 181324 Jan 1875F145, F114,
I029FemaleEstelle /Chisholm/
Estelle Chisholm /Ward/
6 JUN 1875?F008, F074,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I546FemaleFlorence /Chisholm/??F165,
I034MaleFrank (Jesse) /Chisholm/c. 1855?F005, F123,
I225MaleFredrick Morris /Chisholm/??F058, F059,
I009MaleGeorge /Chisholm/1814?F010,
I032MaleGeorge /Chisholm/??F007,
I275MaleGeorge Langford /Chisholm/??F086, F087,
I313MaleGeorge M. /Chisholm/??F104,
I271MaleGlen Thornton /Chisholm/??F085, F086,
I314MaleHarry W. /Chisholm/??F104,
I517MaleHomer Andrew /Chisholm/8 Jan 1894Nov 1984F161, F162,
I523MaleHoward Andrew /Chisholm/??F162, F163,
I002MaleIgnatius /Chisholm/
called: Ig.
1777 or 17781837F009, F001, F010,
I359MaleIsaac /Chisholm/??F011,
I539MaleJ. A. /Chisholm/ABT 1870?ABT 1960? F165,
I056MaleJacob /Chisholm/??F014,
I265MaleJames /Chisholm/
called: Jim
I341MaleJames /Chisholm/March 29, 1889January 3, 1951
I356MaleJames /Chisholm/??F011,
I376MaleJames /Chisholm/1857?F118,
I401MaleJames /Chisholm/??F125,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I525MaleJames /Chisholm/??F162,
I333MaleJames A. /Chisholm/??
I362FemaleJane /Chisholm/
Jane Chisholm /Lynde/
I375FemaleJane /Chisholm/1854?F118,
I303FemaleJanie /Chisholm/??F100, F098,
I016FemaleJennie /Chisholm/
Jennie Chisholm /Harper/
Jennie Chisholm /Davis/
see also: (I399)[Jennie /Chisholm/]
see also: (I427)[Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/]
1848?F005, F120, F121, F122,
I399FemaleJennie /Chisholm/
see also: (I016)[Jennie /Chisholm/]
see also: (I427)[Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/]
I427FEMALEJennie Nancy /Chisholm/
Jennie Nancy Chisholm /Davis/
Jennie Nancy Chisholm Davis /Everett/
see also: (I016)[Jennie /Chisholm/]
see also: (I399)[Jennie /Chisholm/]
?5 FEB 1908F136, F140, F148,
I001MaleJesse /Chisholm/1805 or 18064 MAR 1868F001, F003, F007, F005, F006,
I055MaleJesse /Chisholm/??F014,
I351MaleJohn "Red Buck" /Chisholm/
called: "Red Buck"
1777?-79?1861 F145,
I005MaleJohn /Chisholm/??F001, F118,
I014MaleJohn /Chisholm/
called: Jepee
??F007, F021,
I057MaleJohn /Chisholm/??F014,
I049MaleJohn D. /Chisholm/1737? - 1742?1818 F009, F011, F012,
I519MaleJohn Sylvester /Chisholm/?? F161,
I093MaleJoseph /Chisholm/??F021, F022,
I357MaleJoseph /Chisholm/??F011,
I505MaleJoseph Byron /Chisholm/??F141,
I030FemaleJulia Ann /Chisholm/
Julia Ann Chisholm /Davenport/
15 JAN 1878?F008, F073,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I379MaleLewis /Chisholm/1866?F118,
I528FemaleLinda /Chisholm/??F162,
I530MaleLonnie /Chisholm/??F162,
I524FemaleLucile /Chisholm/??F162,
I033FemaleLucinda /Chisholm/??F005, F126,
I544FemaleLuella /Chisholm/??F165,
I285MaleMajor /Chisholm/??F089,
I526FemaleMarie /Chisholm/??F162,
I534MaleMark Andrew /Chisholm/??F163,
I007FemaleMartha /Chisholm/
Martha Chisholm /Biggs/
1812?F010, F110,
I361FemaleMartha /Chisholm/?died youngF116,
I043FemaleMary /Chisholm/
Mary Chisholm /Cochran/
c. 1867?F005, F063,
I058FemaleMary /Chisholm/??F014,
I264FemaleMary /Chisholm/??F082,
I024FemaleMary V. /Chisholm/
Mary V. Chisholm /Cooke/
?30 MAR 1946F008, F075,
I400Micco Riley /Chisholm/??F125,
I321FemaleMildred /Chisholm/??F105,
I053MaleMorris /Chisholm/??F013,
I222MaleMorris /Chisholm/??F055, F056,
I372FemaleNancy /Chisholm/1848?F118,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I286MaleNapeoleon /Chisholm/??F089,
I365FemaleNarcissa /Chisholm/
Narcissa Chisholm /Owen/
??F116, F117,
I008MaleNelson /Chisholm/??F010,
I533FemalePenny Jean /Chisholm/??F163,
I272MaleR. H. /Chisholm/?? F085,
I330FemaleRena /Chisholm/??F108,
I529MaleRichard /Chisholm/??F162,
I504MaleRufus /Chisholm/??F141,
I447MaleRufus King /Chisholm/??F145, F156,
I233FemaleSallie /Chisholm/??F066,
I428FemaleSallie /Chisholm/??
I500FemaleSally /Chisholm/
Sally Polk /Wade/
??F156, F157,
I287MaleSamuel /Chisholm/??F089,
I059FemaleSarah /Chisholm/??F014,
I288MaleSaul /Chisholm/??F089,
I395MaleShawnee Bob /Chisholm/1847?F065,
I051MaleThomas /Chisholm/1790NOV 1834F011, F013, F116,
I289MaleThomas /Chisholm/c. 1855?F089, F090,
I366MaleThomas /Chisholm/?died youngF116,
I377MaleThomas /Chisholm/1859?F118,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I283MaleThompson /Chisholm/??F089,
I371MaleToby /Chisholm/1842?F118,
I276FemaleVirgie Eliza /Chisholm/
Virgie Eliza Chisholm /Griffith/
??F087, F088,
I234MaleWilliam /Chisholm/??F066,
I328MaleWilliam /Chisholm/??F108,
I224MaleWilliam Bradley /Chisholm/??F057, F058,
I226MaleWilliam Bradley /Chisholm/??F059, F060,
I013MaleWilliam Edwards /Chisholm/15 SEP 183719 NOV 1880F003, F119, F008,
I031MaleWilliam F. /Chisholm/7 FEB 188130 AUG 1913F008,
I312MaleWilliam F. /Chisholm/?? F104,
I307MaleWilliam Frank /Chisholm/18611937F104, F105, F108,
I006MaleWilliam R. /Chisholm/182118 FEB 1896F001, F014,
I364MaleWilliam Wharton /Chisholm/??F116,
I522MaleWillie /Chisholm/??F162,
I017MaleVincente /de Demencio/
Vincente /Hueras/
Vincente /Jueras/
Caboon /?/
George /Chisholm/
Vincente George /Chisholm/
?1917F006, F125,
I010FemaleElizabeth /Edwards/
called: Eliza
Elizabeth Edwards /Chisholm/
?1846F004, F003,
I274FemaleJane /Fore/
Jane Fore /Chisholm/
?? F086,
I022FemaleMariana /Fransito/
Mariana Fransito /Chisholm/
I050FemaleMartha /Holmes/
Martha Holmes /Chisholm/
?? F011,
I277Female...nny Maude /King/
...nny Maude King /Chisholm/
?? F087,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in
I306FemaleConstance Louise /Locke/
Constance Louise Locke /Chisholm/
?? F101,
I532FemaleBetty Jean /Martin/
Betty Jean Martin /Chisholm/
?? F163,
I310FemaleMary A. /McCulloch/
Mary A. McCulloch /Chisholm/
??F103, F104,
I235FemaleJulia Ann /McLish/
Julia Ann McLish /Chisholm/
184630 AUG 1883F067, F008,
I353FemaleAmanda /McMahon/
Amanda McMahon /Chisholm/
14 Apr 1820AFT 1851F115, F114,
I015FemaleSah-kah-kee /McQueen/
Sah-kah-kee McQueen /Chisholm/
?? F005, F066,
I094FemaleMary /Murphy/
Mary Murphy /Chisholm/
?? F022,
I323FemaleAnnie M. /Perkins/
Annie Perkins /MacDonald/
Annie Perkins MacDonald /Chisholm/
?? F107, F108,
I048FemaleMartha /Rogers/
Martha Rogers /Chisholm/
??F111, F010,
I540FemaleLizzie /Schwartz/
Lizzie Schwartz /Chisholm/
?? F165,
I044FemaleElizabeth /Sims/
called: Betsey
Elizabeth Sims /Fauling/
Elizabeth Sims /Fawling/
Elizabeth Sims Fauling /Chisholm/
?1788?F113, F009,
I266FemaleRuth /Taylor/
Ruth Taylor /Chisholm/
?? F083,
I360FemaleMartha /Wharton/
Martha Wharton /Chisholm/
?? F116,
ID NameBirthDeathChild inParent in

Time Line

1730 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1737? I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Birth

1770 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1777 I002 Ignatius /Chisholm/: Birth I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Immigration ? I351 John "Red Buck" /Chisholm/: Birth 1778 I044 Elizabeth /Sims/: F009: Marriage I049 John D. /Chisholm/: F009: Marriage

1780 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1788? I044 Elizabeth /Sims/: Death 1789? I049 John D. /Chisholm/: F011: Marriage ? I050 Martha /Holmes/: F011: Marriage

1790 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1790 I051 Thomas /Chisholm/: Birth 1792 I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Built CHISHOLM INN 1793 I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Advertised in Gazette 1794 I045 Elizabeth /Chisholm/: F127: Marriage I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Advertized in Gazette 1797 I049 John D. /Chisholm/: F012: Marriage I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Left for England. I052 Patsy /Brown/: F012: Marriage 1799 I049 John D. /Chisholm/: F011: Divorce I049 John D. /Chisholm/: F012: Divorce I050 Martha /Holmes/: F011: Divorce I052 Patsy /Brown/: F012: Divorce

1800 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1800? I002 Ignatius /Chisholm/: F001: Marriage ? I003 ? /?/ (Corn Tassle's sister): F001: Marriage 1805 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Birth

1810 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1811? I002 Ignatius /Chisholm/: F010: Marriage ? I048 Martha /Rogers/: F010: Marriage 1812 I007 Martha /Chisholm/: Birth 1813 I352 Enoch Parsons /Chisholm/: Birth 1814 I009 George /Chisholm/: Birth 1815 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Emigrated to Spadra River in Arkansas 1816 I281 Edward /Chisholm/: Birth 1817 I333 James A. /Chisholm/: Had pictures taken. 1818 I049 John D. /Chisholm/: Death

1820 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1820 I353 Amanda /McMahon/: Birth I429 Benjamin Franklin /Chisholm/: Birth 1821 I006 William R. /Chisholm/: Birth 1823 I282 Julia /?/: Birth 1825 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Moved to Fort Gibson 1828 I007 Martha /Chisholm/: F110: Marriage I007 Martha /Chisholm/: Makes claim to government as Cherokee. 1829 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Met Sam Houston at Fort Gibson

1830 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1830 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Awarded contract for supplying corn 1832 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Marked wagon trail with Robert Bean I430 Margaret N. /Allen/: Birth 1833 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Interpreter for U. S. Army I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Moved to Edward's Store 1834 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Accompanied Dragoon Expedition to Wichita Mountains I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Chisholm and Rogers at council in Fort Gibson I051 Thomas /Chisholm/: Death 1836 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: F003: Marriage I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Guided party to Little Arkansas I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Married Eliza Edwards(I010) I010 Elizabeth /Edwards/: F003: Marriage 1837 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: birth of William E. Chisholm(I013) I002 Ignatius /Chisholm/: Death I013 William Edwards /Chisholm/: Birth 1839 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Bought negro boy in Texas

1840 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1841 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Sold negro boy to Lucinda Edwards I060 Elizabeth /Chisholm/: Birth 1842 I371 Toby /Chisholm/: Birth 1843 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Treaty on Tehuacana Creek, Texas 1844 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Interpreter at Council Grove, Texas I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Visited Fannin County, Texas 1846 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: death of Eliza Edwards(I010) I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Treaty of U. S. on Tehuacana Creek I010 Elizabeth /Edwards/: Death I235 Julia Ann /McLish/: Birth 1847 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: F005: Marriage I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Marries Sahkahkee McQueen(I015) I015 Sah-kah-kee /McQueen/: F005: Marriage I395 Shawnee Bob /Chisholm/: Birth 1848 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Aunt Jennie born I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Traded on the Brazos River in Texas I016 Jennie /Chisholm/: Birth I372 Nancy /Chisholm/: Birth 1849 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Ransomed a Mexican boy and girl

1850 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1850 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Council on the Concho River, Texas I373 Betsy /Chisholm/: Birth 1851 I007 Martha /Chisholm/: Listed on Old Settler Cherokee Rolls I353 Amanda /McMahon/: Death 1852 I374 David /Chisholm/: Birth 1854 I375 Jane /Chisholm/: Birth 1855 I034 Frank (Jesse) /Chisholm/: Birth I289 Thomas /Chisholm/: Birth 1857 I376 James /Chisholm/: Birth 1858 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Established trading post at Council Grove in Oklahoma County I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Established trading post on Chouteau Creek, Cleveland County 1859 I377 Thomas /Chisholm/: Birth

1860 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1860 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Wm. E. Chisholm marries Hester Butler(I380) I013 William Edwards /Chisholm/: F119: Marriage I380 Hester /Butler/: F119: Marriage 1861 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Accompanies Creek Refugee Exodus to LeRoy, Kansas I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Conducts Exodus to Arkansas River, Kansas I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Employed by Albert Pike, Confederate emissary among tribes on Washita I307 William Frank /Chisholm/: Birth I351 John "Red Buck" /Chisholm/: Death 1862 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: On Arkansas River, Kansas I363 Alfred Finney /Chisholm/: Death I378 Elizabeth /Chisholm/: Birth 1863 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: William E. Chisholm marries Julia Ann McLish(I235) I013 William Edwards /Chisholm/: F008: Marriage I235 Julia Ann /McLish/: F008: Marriage 1864 I025 Eliza E. /Chisholm/: Birth 1865 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Marks Chisholm Trail I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Present as negotiator and interpreter at peace council on the Little Arkansas 1866 I026 Angeline /Chisholm/: Birth I379 Lewis /Chisholm/: Birth 1867 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Present as negotiator and interpreter, Medicine Lodge Peace Council I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Salt Springs in Blaine County I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Trading Camp, on N. Canadian, near site of Watonga I043 Mary /Chisholm/: Birth 1868 I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Burial I001 Jesse /Chisholm/: Death I024 Mary V. /Chisholm/: Child in Family

1870 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1870 I027 Alice /Chisholm/: Birth ? I539 J. A. /Chisholm/: Birth 1871 I427 Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/: F140: Marriage 1872 I028 Cora Ann /Chisholm/: Birth 1875 I029 Estelle /Chisholm/: Birth I352 Enoch Parsons /Chisholm/: Burial I352 Enoch Parsons /Chisholm/: Death 1878 I030 Julia Ann /Chisholm/: Birth

1880 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1880 I013 William Edwards /Chisholm/: Death 1881 I031 William F. /Chisholm/: Birth 1883 I235 Julia Ann /McLish/: Death 1885 I024 Mary V. /Chisholm/: F075: Marriage I026 Angeline /Chisholm/: F064: Marriage 1886 I025 Eliza E. /Chisholm/: Death 1889 I341 James /Chisholm/: Birth

1890 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1890 I027 Alice /Chisholm/: F061: Marriage 1894 I026 Angeline /Chisholm/: Death I517 Homer Andrew /Chisholm/: Birth 1896 I006 William R. /Chisholm/: Burial I006 William R. /Chisholm/: Death I029 Estelle /Chisholm/: F074: Marriage I429 Benjamin Franklin /Chisholm/: Burial I429 Benjamin Franklin /Chisholm/: Death 1898 I028 Cora Ann /Chisholm/: F062: Marriage 1899 I030 Julia Ann /Chisholm/: F073: Marriage

1900 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1903 I427 Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/: F148: Marriage 1908 I427 Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/: Burial I427 Jennie Nancy /Chisholm/: Death

1910 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1911 I027 Alice /Chisholm/: Death 1913 I031 William F. /Chisholm/: Death 1917 I017 Vincente /de Demencio/: Death 1919 I430 Margaret N. /Allen/: Death

1920 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1926 I028 Cora Ann /Chisholm/: Death I060 Elizabeth /Chisholm/: Death

1930 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1937 I307 William Frank /Chisholm/: Death

1940 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1946 I024 Mary V. /Chisholm/: Death

1950 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1951 I341 James /Chisholm/: Burial I341 James /Chisholm/: Death ? I266 Ruth /Taylor/: F083: Marriage

1960 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1960? I539 J. A. /Chisholm/: Death

1980 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1984 I517 Homer Andrew /Chisholm/: Death

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