Surnames in chis.ged grouped by Russell Soundex

( Coded in all possible ways:

not all names require all variations )

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A216 Asbury,
A450 Allen,
A536 Andrews,
B200 Biggs,
B240 Bagwell,
B346 Butler,
B400 Bailey,
B420 Bowles,
B500 Bowen, Bynum,
B530 Bandy,
B535 Bantam,
B620 Burrows,
B634 Bradley,
B650 Boren, Breen, Brown,
B652 Burns,
B653 Barnett,
B656 Barnhart, Bruner,
C200 Casey, Cooke,
C245 Chisholm,
C250 Chisholm,
C265 Cochran,
C415 Clevenger,
C416 Colbert,
C452 Collins,
C462 Clark,
C514 Campbell,
C523 Comstock,
C542 Canales,
C563 Conrad,
C616 Crawford,
C625 Crosson,
C626 Crooker,
D120 Davis,
D151 Davenport,
D200 Dauss,
D352 de Demencio,
D520 de Demencio, Downs,
D542 Daniels,
D600 Dyer,
E152 Evans,
E163 Everett,
E363 Edwards,
F452 Fauling, Fawling,
F600 Fore,
F626 Fraser,
F630 Ford,
F652 Fransito,
G200 Gooch,
G432 Goldsworthy,
G600 Greer,
G613 Griffith,
G650 Graaham,
G656 Garner,
H300 Heath,
H400 Hall,
H452 Holmes,
H463 Hilliard,
H516 Humphreys,
H520 Holmes,
H616 Harper,
H620 Hueras,
H623 Hurst,
H650 Harmon,
J523 Johnston,
J525 Johnson,
J620 Jueras,
K520 King,
K610 Kerby,
K621 Kirkpatrick,
L000 Lee,
L163 Lipartito,
L200 Lake, Locke,
L250 Lawson,
L350 Lawton,
L510 Lamb,
L530 Lynde,
L630 Lird,
M235 MacDonald, McDonald,
M240 McKeel,
M242 McCulloch, McLish,
M250 McMahon, McQueen,
M252 Massengill, McNaughton,
M253 McIntosh,
M262 McGregor,
M500 Mann,
M532 Mendez,
M610 Murphy,
M635 Martin,
O500 Owen,
P340 Pethley,
P350 Pitman, Putnam,
P600 Perry,
P625 Perkins,
P630 Pruitt,
R000 Ray,
R240 Russell,
R262 Rogers,
R520 Ranck,
S000 See,
S100 Savoie,
S163 Syphrett,
S263 Schwartz,
S362 Strickland,
S520 Sims,
S530 Smith,
S536 Snyder,
S561 Somerville, Sommerville,
T460 Taylor,
T520 Thomas, Tong, Tongue,
T656 Turner,
W200 Waugh,
W300 Wade, White,
W325 Watson,
W362 Weathers,
W364 Wetherly,
W425 Wohlgamuth,
W452 Williams,
W630 Ward,
W635 Wharton,
Y520 Young,
Z526 Zingarell,

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