Matthew Leonard /Chisholm/

[ born 18 AUG 1964, died _ALIVE_ ]
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NameMatthew Leonard /Chisholm/
Alias: Matthew Dawn /Chisholm/
BirthDate: 18 AUG 1964
Place: Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan, USA
Child in Family: (F025)
Child in Family (F025)
HusbandI098Leonard Dawn /Chisholm/20 JUL 1930_ALIVE_
WifeI102Phyllis Elizabeth /Bailey/1 JAN 1928_ALIVE_
ChildrenI103AdoptedMaleMark Patrick /Hurst/29 MAR 1949_ALIVE_
I104 MalePaul Grey /Chisholm/19 FEB 1955_ALIVE_
I105 MaleRichard Jesse /Chisholm/8 AUG 1957_ALIVE_
I106 FemaleJennetta Blanche /Chisholm/10 AUG 1961_ALIVE_
I107 MaleMatthew Leonard /Chisholm/18 AUG 1964_ALIVE_
Spouse in Family (F033)
HusbandI107Matthew Leonard /Chisholm/18 AUG 1964_ALIVE_
WifeI122Noele /Johnson/?_ALIVE_
ChildI123 FemaleAlissa Rose /Chisholm/?_ALIVE_
Spouse in Family (F034)
HusbandI107Matthew Leonard /Chisholm/18 AUG 1964_ALIVE_
WifeI124Shannon /?/?_ALIVE_
ChildrenI126 FemaleSeleste /?/?_ALIVE_
I123 FemaleAlissa Rose /Chisholm/?_ALIVE_
EventType: Legal Name Change
Date: 26 SEP 1973
Place: County Court of The County of Summit, Colorado, USA
Note: the "Petioner be awarded a change of name from Matthew Leonard Chisholm to Matthew Dawn Chisholm."

Time Line

1964 Birth 
|        1973 Legal Name Change 
|        |              1988 (F033): Marriage 
v        v              v

Ancestor Tree

MaleMatthew Leonard /Chisholm/
b. 18 AUG 1964
d. _ALIVE_
MaleLeonard Dawn /Chisholm/
b. 20 JUL 1930
d. _ALIVE_
MaleHomer Dawn /Chisholm/
b. 17 JAN 1900
d. Jan 1979
MaleJoseph /Chisholm/
b. ?
d. ?
FemaleMary /Murphy/
b. ?
d. ?
FemaleMelba Lucille /Weathers/
b. 12 OCT 1908
d. FEB 1997
?? /??/
?? /??/
FemalePhyllis Elizabeth /Bailey/
b. 1 JAN 1928
d. _ALIVE_
MaleAurther Paul /Bailey/
b. 18 NOV 1899
d. 24 OCT 1975
MaleSamuel Harvey /Bailey/
b. 7 DEC 1874
d. 23 APR 1920
FemaleJennetta /Tong/
b. 11 NOV 1878
d. 26 SEP 1922
FemaleBlanche /Collins/
b. 1903
d. 6am, February 2nd, 1997
MaleWilliam Wiley /Collins/
b. ?
d. ?
FemaleSarah Emma /Breen/
b. ?
d. ?

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