John D. /Chisholm/

[ born 1737? - 1742?, died 1818 ]
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(S03) John Chisholm arrived in North America in 1777, going first to Charleston, South Carolina, where his father, an earlier emigrant to the American Colonies, resided. He soon migrated to Florida, then to the Creek Country of Georgia and back northward with Indian traders into the Holston River country of east Tennessee. Appointed Justice of the Peace in Washington District of North Carolina. Was a delegate tot he Jonesboro Convention of 1784. In 1790 Chisholm was re-appointed justice of the peace by territorial governor William Blount. Chisholm was one of the earliest settlers of Knoxville, built the first tavern and the first court house in Knoxville. John Chisholm, with William Blount and others, schemed to wrest Florida from the Spanish with a bold land invesment deal. The deal failed and Chisholm ended up in a London debtors prison, released only when he gave a full written confession, naming his co-conspiritors. He obtained a passport contining a false description of himself and added the middle initial, D, to his name. Chisholm became advisor to various Cherokee chiefs, and worked to promote the move of the Cherokees to the new lands west of the Mississippii River. Chisholm continued to act as advisor to the Cherokee. In 1814, John D. Chisholm was selected by the Cherokee council to go to Washington, D.C., for the purpose of making legal claim to the Arkansas lands and the right of the Western Cherokee to establish a separate government from that of the Old Nation Cherokee. He served as representative for other meetings and treaties, as well.

(S12) Chief Doublehead and John D. Chisholm had been involved in a land scam in which they sold Cherokee land to the US government in exchange for a reservation on Muscle Shoals which they resold to White settlers and then had the US remove the settlers and absconded with the slaves and money. This was right before Doublehead was killed and it was probably one of the reasons John Chisholm followed the Cherokee to Arkansas.

John Chisholm was involved in the Blount Conspiracy in which the Gov. of Tennessee was plotting to conquer Florida from the Spanish and turn it into a new colony. Chisholm was closely involved and there are many papers documenting his activities. Chisholm states in a deposition that his father was living in Charleston at the time of the American Revolution, but no clear records have been found about Chisholm’s parents or origins. I suspect he was born in Scotland and his father was in the colonies briefly.

(S29) Into this territory came Captain John Chisholm about the time Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and settled at White's Station, later to become the present town of Knoxville. The exact time of his coming to East Tennessee cannot be fixed, but he was a justice in 1778 in Washington County, in the present State of Tennessee and he must have been in the country a few years prior to 1778. When he left for England in May, 1797, it was stated that he was between 55 and 60 years old. This would make his birth between 1737 and 1742. His daughter, Elizabeth (I045), married Captain John Somerville (I403) on May 20, 1794. She must have been born about 1776 or before.

In the "life of William Blount" by Marcus J. Wright, page 66, is given a copy of the sworn testimony of the impeachment of William Blount before the U. S. Senate. We copy the following:

"This was to be sent to England to the British Ministry there and to whom from the Ministry, if it arrived at Philedelphia, was to be sent to Knoxville, to Captain Chisholm, or, if he was not there, to Ig. Chisholm, the Captain's son."
We quote further:
"Chisholm (the Captain) tried to get Brown, who is the brother of his Indian wife, to go with him to England."
This settles by sworn testimony at the time, two facts:

NameJohn D. /Chisholm/
BirthDate: 1737? - 1742?
Note: (S29) estimated from documents about his trip to England.
DeathDate: 1818
ImmigrationDate: 1777
Place: South Carolina? (S03)
Spouse in Family (F009)
HusbandI049John D. /Chisholm/1737? - 1742?1818
WifeI044Elizabeth /Sims/??
ChildrenI002 MaleIgnatius /Chisholm/1777 or 17781837
I046 FemaleDeborah /Chisholm/??
I045 FemaleElizabeth /Chisholm/??
I047 MaleElijah /Chisholm/??
Spouse in Family (F011)
HusbandI049John D. /Chisholm/1737? - 1742?1818
WifeI050Martha /Holmes/??
ChildrenI356 MaleJames /Chisholm/??
I357 MaleJoseph /Chisholm/??
I358 MaleDennis /Chisholm/??
I359 MaleIsaac /Chisholm/??
I051 MaleThomas /Chisholm/1790NOV 1834
Spouse in Family (F012)
HusbandI049John D. /Chisholm/1737? - 1742?1818
WifeI052Patsy /Brown/??
EventDate: May, 1797
Type: Left for England.
Age: between 55 and 60.

Time Line

1737? Birth                             1777 Immigration    1797 (F012): Marriage 
|                                       |                   1797 Left for England. 
|                                       |                   |                    1818 Death 
v                                       v                   v                    v

Ancestor Tree

MaleJohn D. /Chisholm/
b. 1737? - 1742?
d. 1818
?? /??/ ?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/
?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/
?? /??/ ?? /??/ ?? /??/
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