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[ born 1812, died ? ]
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(S12) Martha married David Biggs by 1828. She makes a claim in 1828 and she and her children are listed on the Old Settler Cherokee Rolls of 1851 and 1896. Family oral history places her as a daughter of Ignatius Chisholm (I002) and Martha Rogers; however, I have not seen proof, though one source says that Narcissa Owens mentions Martha. If so, that would help establish this considerably since Narcissa would certainly have known her own cousin.

(S29) Martha Chisholm was a sister of Jesse Chisholm (I001) and a daughter of Ignatius Chisholm (I002) and Martha Rogers (I048). She was very much younger than Jesse and married Dave Biggs (I334) and moved first to Texas and then to California. They had the following issue: Clint, John, Dave, Bud, Jane, Narcissus, and Jacqueline Biggs. The youngest daughter, Jacqueline, married Sam Houston King on April 16, 1860, and their son, Frank M. King, is Associate Editor of the "Western Livestock journal" in Los Angeles at the time of this writing [1939].

(S40) This chart lists a different order for the children of Martha Chisholm and David Biggs. Since (S29) does not list birth dates and (S40) does, they have been placed in the (S40) order.

NameMartha /Chisholm/
Alias: Martha Chisholm /Biggs/
BirthDate: 1812
Child in Family: (F010)
Child in Family (F010)
HusbandI002Ignatius /Chisholm/1777 or 17781837
WifeI048Martha /Rogers/??
ChildrenI007 FemaleMartha /Chisholm/1812?
I009 MaleGeorge /Chisholm/1814?
I008 MaleNelson /Chisholm/??
Spouse in Family (F110)
HusbandI334David /Biggs/??
WifeI007Martha /Chisholm/1812?
ChildrenI335 MaleDeWitt Clinton /Biggs/183015 February 1908
I345 MaleBenjamin /Biggs/1834?
I337 FemaleMargaret A. /Biggs/1836?
I336 FemaleMary Jane /Biggs/1836?
I339 MaleJohn Duncan /Biggs/27 Jan 184124 Feb 1919
I346 MaleDavid /Biggs/1842?
I347 FemaleJacquelina /Biggs/09 May 184406 Sep 1887
I338 MaleChristopher Columbus /Biggs/1846?
I340 FemaleNarcissa /Biggs/06 Feb 184910 Aug 1918

Time Line

1812 Birth 

Ancestor Tree

FemaleMartha /Chisholm/
b. 1812
d. ?
MaleIgnatius /Chisholm/
b. 1777 or 1778
d. 1837
MaleJohn D. /Chisholm/
b. 1737? - 1742?
d. 1818
?? /??/
?? /??/
FemaleElizabeth /Sims/
b. ?
d. ?
MaleIgnatius /Sims/
b. ?
d. ?
?? /??/
FemaleMartha /Rogers/
b. ?
d. ?
MaleCharles /Rogers/
b. ?
d. ?
MaleJohn /Rogers/
b. ?
d. ?
?? /??/
?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/

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