Ignatius /Chisholm/

[ born 1777 or 1778, died 1837 ]
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NameIgnatius /Chisholm/
Nick Name: Ig.
BirthDate: 1777 or 1778
Place: Tennessee, USA
Child in Family: (F009)
DeathDate: 1837
Child in Family (F009)
HusbandI049John D. /Chisholm/1737? - 1742?1818
WifeI044Elizabeth /Sims/??
ChildrenI002 MaleIgnatius /Chisholm/1777 or 17781837
I046 FemaleDeborah /Chisholm/??
I045 FemaleElizabeth /Chisholm/??
I047 MaleElijah /Chisholm/??
Spouse in Family (F001)
HusbandI002Ignatius /Chisholm/1777 or 17781837
WifeI003? /?/ (Corn Tassle's sister)??
ChildrenI001 MaleJesse /Chisholm/1805 or 18064 MAR 1868
I005 MaleJohn /Chisholm/??
I006 MaleWilliam R. /Chisholm/182118 FEB 1896
Spouse in Family (F010)
HusbandI002Ignatius /Chisholm/1777 or 17781837
WifeI048Martha /Rogers/??
ChildrenI007 FemaleMartha /Chisholm/1812?
I009 MaleGeorge /Chisholm/1814?
I008 MaleNelson /Chisholm/??

Time Line

1777 Birth             1800? (F001): Marriage 
|                      |          1811? (F010): Marriage    1837 Death 
v                      v          v                         v

Ancestor Tree

MaleIgnatius /Chisholm/
b. 1777 or 1778
d. 1837
MaleJohn D. /Chisholm/
b. 1737? - 1742?
d. 1818
?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/
?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/
FemaleElizabeth /Sims/
b. ?
d. ?
MaleIgnatius /Sims/
b. ?
d. ?
?? /??/
?? /??/
?? /??/ ?? /??/
?? /??/

Sources of this information:

(S12) Ignatius’ parentage is also rather confusing. His father is clearly John D. Chisholm (I049). Some think that Ignatius’ mother was John’s first wife, a White woman, named Betsy Sims (I044), the widow of William Fawling. This is probably correct, since Betsy’s father was named Ignatius (I348).

(S29) Ignatius Chisholm joined the trek of the Cherokees when they left East Tennessee. Many of the Cherokees settled in the present county of Johnson in northwestern Arkansas some fifty miles east of Fort Smith. Ig. Chisholm was born some time about the beginning of the Revolutionary War. We find him a grown man in 1797 when his father, Captain John Chisholm, sailed for England. Instructions had been left to deliver a certain important paper to John Chisholm, but in case of his absence the paper was to be delivered to "Ig. Chisholm, the Captain's son."

@S28 The old Chisholm Tavern, now standing in Knoxville (1939), had been built four years before and it was a going concern in 1797 and it is probable that Ignatius Chisholm was operating or staying at the hotel. The hotel was generally managed by Captain John Chisholm's efficient and popular wife, Patsy. After Captain Chisholm arrived in England on May 1, 1797, there is no documentary evidence that he ever returned to Knoxville. Certainly he was no factor in the affairs of the State of Tennessee after 1800.

(S29) Ignatius Chisholm married Martha Rogers (I048) in the early years of the Jefferson administration [1801-09]. His son, Jesse (I001), was born in 1805 or 1806. Sam Houston was living in Tennessee at the time and was a clerk in a store at Kingston, Roane County, when the Creek War broke out. Jesse Chisholm was a lad some ten years old at that time and he was well known to Sam Houston. In fact, Sam Houston knew the Rogers kin in East Tennessee and the meeting in 1829 at Fort Gibson was a meeting of old friends. Many of the Cherokees left their homes in Tennessee and went west long before the U. S. Government took charge of the exodus, or removal.

(S03) Ignatius Chisholm was involved with his father's business enterprises in Knoxville during the 1790s. In 1793, he had taken part in a militia campaign against the Creeks in Georgia. A dealer in slaves, like his father, Ignatius was one of three men, who prior to 1800 were charged with invading a man's property on horseback, entering the slave quarters, and there abusing a Negro man. Ignatius fled Knoxville to the Hiwassee area. He separated from his wife and remarried prior to the Cherokee migration west. He was documented in Tennessee in 1813, going by the name of "Lig Chisholm". He operated as a trader among the Arkansas immigrants Ignatius is listed in the Arkansas Post records on the Mississippi.


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