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Jesse and Alex orchastrated a Scottish Highland Cowboy style wedding. The groom wore his "Chisholm" kilt, and the bride her "Fraser" kirtle. Most of the family (on both sides) also wore kilts, kirtles or were otherwise decked out in tartan. Those who didn't have highland dress had cowboy boots and hats.

The minister (Pat Lashley) wore a kilt of clergy green. The skirl from the pipes of the piper on the hill wafted across the countryside calling everyone to come to the celebration.

Instead of a reception, they had an after-party. Gary Carnes called the square dancing and sang to tapes for other dancing. Alex's father, Scotty Fraser, taught "Strip the Willow".

Jesse and Alex danced their first to the cowboy waltz "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?"

Since neither Jesse nor Alex are fond of champaigne, single malt whiskey was served for the toasts. Following the Irish tradition, there were three gallons of whiskey available for the celebrants.

A great time was had by all. The best man, Grey Chisholm (I104), invited everyone to return for their 50th anniversary.

MarriageDate: 9 AUG 1992
Place: JMP Ranch, Milpitas, California, USA
HusbandI105Richard Jesse /Chisholm/8 AUG 1957_ALIVE_
WifeI117Alexandra /Fraser/9 JUN 1953_ALIVE_

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