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-- Patrick, John, Ann, and Michael and their descendants.

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This work is dedicated to Mary Lucille Breen Fuchtman, b. 1894, (I655) the senior descendant of this Breen line. Without her contribution of information and the inspiration she gave us, this record of our "Roots" would not have happened.

Original notes: published May 1991, Rev. 1 March 1993

"This entire manuscript is sponsored by the Breen Reunion Association for the benefit of its family members. All or any part of it may be reproduced/copied for that purpose."
Mary Esther Breen Henson, Secretary
Mary Carolyn Johnston, Treasurer
Axie Jane Breen, Activities Chmn


The information entered herein has been collected from many sources. I hesitate to call it a history although it does include much of the history of the four original immigrants of this Breen line. It includes all the genealogical facts and data that I have been able to accumulate over the years. It deals primarily with direct line genealogy to prevent me from getting on a tangent and drifting too far from the line. Some of the information I recall being related to me by my mother some sixty years ago. It consists of data taken from family letters, old photos, census records, cemetary data, and vital records. Much of the historical data was given by my dear cousin Mrs Mary Lucille Breen Fuchtman (I655) , she has also given photos, letters from my parents to Breen family members. Such items I value fondly as I do her. She has clear, vivid memories of her grandparents Michael (I642) and Margaret Breen (I648) .
Major contributors of the information used here were Mary Esther Breen Henson , Noralu Breen Matthews and Mrs Glenn Breen (I545) , recently deceased. Many other gifts of data were made by numerous other family members. I am grateful to all.
Some of the data and stories may not correspond with version you have heard in the past. It is the most factual I could arrive at with careful analysis and study. I do not claim to have all the correct answers although I have attempted to use the correct data. It is not complete in every detail but it is hoped it is the beginning of an effort by all the descendants to continue to contribute to complete the story. Any bit of information could possible fill a gap in our history and keep the memory of our ancestors alive. Please join me in sharing our heritage.
-- Harry Dexheimer


During the winter of 1850 started the migration of the Breen family (F001) from County Wexford, Ireland to America. They were four sibling members of a farm family. Patrick (I001) , the eldest who also brought his wife Ellen (I002) and four children. They were Margaret (I003) , James W. (I004) , Mary (I411) and Thomas (I430) . Some have disagreed that Mary was a daughter of Patrick. I have some references that she most probably was and I could find no opposing evidence. Her birth date fits in a logical sequence. John (I547) was the second of immigrants and then Ann (I548) and Michael (I642) in order of age.
It has not been possible for me to determine with any certainty the arrival times, some believe they sailed together and others do not. I am reasonably sure that Michael came in the winter of 1850 as it has been established that he arrived in the gold fields of California and was recorded in the cencus there in the summer of that year. About the others it is unsure. I have been able to establish that Philadelphia was the port of arrival.
There is little doubt that the migration was made to establish a better life. Ireland was still suffering considerably after failed crops had led to a national famine. It was called the "Potato Famine" during which thousands starved. I will not attempt to ellaborate on the severe sacrifices and suffering that was surely necessary to make the migration possible and to make all this possible.


The format selected was done so because it lends itself easily to adding additional generations, only additional line symbols need be created. It is the intent that this genealogy/history be continued and improved upon as the family grows.
Line identity to generation is:
  1. 1st generation - Each with introductory paragraph. ( re: Patrick, John, Ann, Michael )
  2. 2nd generation - Roman numerals I, II, etc. ( children of principal family )
  3. 3rd generation - Integer numbers 1, 2, etc. ( grandchildren )
  4. 4th generation - Alpha letters A, B, etc.
  5. 5th generation - Numbers in parenthesis: (1), (2), etc.
  6. 6th generation - Small letters in parenthesis: (a), (b), etc.
  7. 7th generation - Numbers underlined: 1, 2, etc.
  8. 8th generation - Small letters underlined: a, b, etc.
Additional generations as required.
This GEDCOM file places these numbers in a REFN sub record for each individual. The underlined numbers and letters are represented as an underscore followed by the number or letter, eg. _1 and _a.
From Harry Dexheimer's 1991 book.
Symbols used.
b. - born
d. - died
m. - married
#1m. - first marriage (of principal character)
#2m. - second marriage (of principal character)
nod - no other data
c. - circa, ie about that time
div. - divorced
* - not direct blood line

Re: March 15, 1993 Revision

Subject: Changes and updates to Breen Family Book.
The increased interest in our family history has created a need for a major revision of the family book. At the family reunion in June 1992 several family members offered genealogical and historical information to improve the data of the Breen line.
Many bits of information have been received. Major contributions were received from Nancy Ropponen which includes the Ancient History of the Breen Name that is included as page iv. She also sent data on her entire family line. Our dutiful Secretary, Mary Henson , had accumulated a very significant number of changes. Many others sent data on births and death dates, etc. We appreciate it all and hope that everyone who has a book takes the time to use this revised material and include it as a permanent part of your book.
I am sure some mistakes and perhaps some oversights may be found. I will assure you that none of either were meant. Please make notes of errors of significant data and leave them with us at the upcoming reunion.
Sincerely, Harry Dexheimer.

Re: March 1, 1993 Revision

(from page 23A of that revision)
NOTE: Mrs Virginia Ruth BREEN (I545) has contributed a major amount of data that was contributed by her niece Mrs Noralu BREEN MATTHEWS . Virginia had written a letter to Mrs Breen in 1963 giving her a rundown on the genealogical lines of the Breen family that she had gathered. It was a "Gold Mine" of information. I am very grateful to them both for sharing.
-- Harry Dexheimer.


06 Jun 1998
Subject: Changes and updates to Breen Family Book.
1997/1998 Revision.
The Current Revision of the Breen Family Book , as compiled by Harry and Inez Dexheimer, has been made in response to Harry's request and hope that the original book would be continued and expanded.
The page numbering has been maintained as per Harry's 1993/1994 Revisions. Following the pattern already established, an 'A' or 'B' etc. has been used to amplify page numbers as new information is submitted, rather than to alter following page numbers.
I have chosen to show information about the original four Breens and their spouses, their children, and grandchildren, in double space. From great-grandchildren on to the, currently, eigth generation, I've used single spacing.
I suggest that the 'next' Revision will require a new format as new generational information is added, although a few more generations would fit the given format if the pages are printed on the long dimension. There are many programs available for genealogical information, but who knows, maybe we can have our own unique format.
Doing this update has turned out to be anything but 'routine.' The sense of 'lost history' has at times been almost overwhelming. Each set of dates, no matter how brief, tells a story. A baby died . . . and a family grieved. Three daughters were married the same June . . . what a family extravaganza! Someone died just before Christmas . . . or was born . . . or was married . . . the holiday forever brings a memory to the family. Someone was born the same year I was. How I'd like to get acquainted. Someone died just since the family reunions began . . . memories 'lost' unless someone 'captured' their stories.
Doing the pages has been a vivid reminder that 'we' are tomorrow's ancestors. The book not only honors the memory of the siblings that ventured a new lief in America, it preserves for those who follow, tidbits of generations of experiences.
I Earnestly encourage each family member to record for yourselves special moments . . . beyond the facts compiled here.
Fall of 1997 I sent out a request for information to add to the book. The response has been wonderful. Thank you, each and every one! For Harry and Inez Dexheimer, for their organizational skills and for 'getting the job done,' thank you.
Sincerely, Phyllis Bailey Chisholm

Breen Book Additions/Changes after 1998 Reunion

Enclosed are the changes and additional information collected at the 1998 Breen Family Reunion.
The changes for the pages 1 to 40 are arranged so the entries could be cut apart and taped tot he facing blank page as indicated. If this isn't deemed impractical, a colored mark on each page needing a change could alert a browser to look at the set of additional pages.
I haven't staped the 10 (ten) sheets with such notes, but stapling could be a good idea. There are 4 (four) sheets included to indicate updates needed for the Alphabetical and Chronological pages. I've done the "colored marks" in my book . . . cutting up the index pages could be a bit much, though they are arranged so they could be cut and taped.
Please let me know if you find any glaring errors. Changes and additions can be accumulated for the next go-round a few years down the way. Working on the book has been a pleasure.
Sincerely, Phyl Chisholm


1998.08.28 by Jesse Chisholm
I entered the genealogical data from the Breen Family Book into GEDCOM format by hand, over the month of August, 1998. I attempted to maintain the generation numbering scheme in the printed book to ease referencing between them. There are a couple of cases where I had to take liberties.
During September 1998, while verifying the data I had entered, I learned that the identifying symbols for individuals in this GEDCOM file are restricted to being 20 characters long. So I moved the reference number into a sub record and relabeled individuals with a simple counter.
The first is the question of identifying (in the computer) the individuals who married into the Breen clan, or the parents or previous spouse of someone who married into the family. I have chosen to identify them with the labels: 'Xnnn' where 'nnn' is an arbitraty number. Every new person I got to, I added one to the 'X' number. the same number is used in 'Fnnn' to label the family record that first involved that person.
The other case the I took liberties with, is what appeared to be errors or ommisions in the book itself. Sometimes a person had more than one marriage and the numbering started over, rather than continuing as it does in most families. I could have renumbered to make things consistant, but instead I chose to add a modifier in the ID string to indicate which marriage the children were from. Examples of this are Michael Breen (I642) and William Sparks (I556) .
As you see in the previous paragraph, I am able to add links, to the pages for a specific individual, in the text flow. I have done that wherever it seemed appropriate to me to do so.
I have not scanned in the various pictures or copies of the hand written documents that are reproduced in the Breen Family Book. This is partly because I do not have a scanner, and partly because I believe that better images will be gotten if the original pictures are scanned rather than scanning these photocopies.
Sincerely, Jesse Chisholm


_UNKNOWN_NAME_, Abney, Albietz, Alka, Amick, Anderson, Askins, Bailey, Barker, Barnwell, Barret, Bartlemay, Barton, Bass, Bates, Baxley, Baxter, Begley, Benefiel, Bishop, Black, Blackwell, Blomquist, Bottorff, Boyer, Bozeman, Bradbury, Breen, Brest, Bretz, Brooks, Brown, Buchanan, Burrows, Bye, Cadigan, Caldwell, Carlson, Carter, Cerney, Chamberlain, Chappell, Checkley, Chesser, Chisholm, Christian, Cogan, Cogdill, Cognat, Collins, Conley, Conlon, Cook, Cordiano, Corrie, Costa, Couch, Crawford, Crossman, Cusumano, Dailey, Dakis, DeVleeschower, Dexheimer, Dorn, Dorney, Doyle, Dunaway, Ellis, Elsberry, Ernst, Fairfield, Fant, Farley, Foard, Fornshell, Fox, Frankenfield, Fraser, Fuchtman, Fye, Gallagher, Garvey, Garvin, Gilvin, Gladish, Goldman, Goodine, Goodman, Goodnight, Goodwin, Gordon, Grafmiller, Grant, Gray, Griffith, Griggs, Grubb, Grumieaux, Gustavson, Hammack, Harrington, Harrison, Hawk, Hawley, Heady, Heck, Heflin, Henson, Hicks, HighSmith, Hilliard, Holmes, Howard, Hull, Hume, Humphries, Hurst, Hutchins, Inyart, Ireland, Jackson, Jerrel, Jett, Johnson, Johnston, Judy, Kasinger, Keating, Kelly, Kennedy, Kepley, Kerby, Koch, Kurtinitis, Lasseter, Lathrop, Laws, Lee, Lewis, Liddle, Longaberger, Louis, Majchrowicz, Marceron, Martin, Matthews, Mayer, McBride, McCammon, McCollum, McDaniels, McDean, McFarland, McKaig, McKamy, McNaughton, Meeks, Meier, Meitzler, Mencke, Mendez, Miller, Mitchell, Moade, Morris, Muncy, Murray, Nelson, Newlin, Nicholson, Nutter, O'Conner, Oren, Osborn, Owensby, Paddock, Patinella, Penney, Pipkins, Pitman, Pitzer, Poland, Potts, Probst, Pursell, Raney, Reeves, Reish, Richard, Ridgley, Rigelman, Robinson, Rogers, Ropponen, Rubenocker, Sanders, Sandlin, Sanford, Satterfield, Sawyer, Schafer, Schrader, Schrum, Schultz, Seals, Seaton, Shepherd, Sherman, Shipley, Shotts, Shouse, Shrock, Slover, Smith, Sparks, Spidel, Spivey, Sponsler, Steelman, Steen, Stephenson, Stevens, Stroud, Sulzen, Surratt, Sutton, Switzer, Taggart, Talley, Thomas, Todd, Tougaw, Traylor, Treece, Trice, Tucker, Turner, Van Kirk, Vann, Vanwey, Vernia, Via, Wahl, Walker, Warner, Watson, Webb, West, Westin, Wilcox, Wilson, Wineburner, Winterrowd, Wise, Wright, Wyzlic, Yarbrough, Young,

Birth or Death Decades

1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, _UNKNOWN_DATE_, _ALIVE_,


F001, F002, F003, F004, F005, F006, F007, F008, F009, F010, F011, F012, F013, F014, F015, F016, F017, F018, F019, F020, F021, F022, F023, F024, F025, F026, F027, F028, F029, F030, F031, F032, F033, F034, F035, F036, F037, F038, F039, F040, F041, F042, F043, F044, F045, F046, F047, F048, F049, F050, F051, F052, F053, F054, F055, F056, F057, F058, F059, F060, F061, F062, F063, F064, F065, F066, F067, F068, F069, F070, F071, F072, F073, F074, F075, F076, F077, F078, F079, F080, F081, F082, F083, F084, F085, F086, F087, F088, F089, F090, F091, F092, F093, F094, F095, F096, F097, F098, F099, F100, F101, F102, F103, F104, F105, F106, F107, F108, F109, F110, F111, F112, F113, F114, F115, F116, F117, F118, F119, F120, F121, F122, F123, F124, F125, F126, F127, F128, F129, F130, F131, F132, F133, F134, F135, F136, F137, F138, F139, F140, F141, F142, F143, F144, F145, F146, F147, F148, F149, F150, F151, F152, F153, F154, F155, F156, F157, F158, F159, F160, F161, F162, F163, F164, F165, F166, F167, F168, F169, F170, F171, F172, F173, F174, F175, F176, F177, F178, F179, F180, F181, F182, F183, F184, F185, F186, F187, F188, F189, F190, F191, F192, F193, F194, F195, F196, F197, F198, F199, F200, F201, F202, F203, F204, F205, F206, F207, F208, F209, F210, F211, F212, F213, F214, F215, F216, F217, F218, F219, F220, F221, F222, F223, F224, F225, F226, F227, F228, F229, F230, F231, F232, F233, F234, F235, F236, F237, F238, F239, F240, F241, F242, F243, F244, F245, F246, F247, F248, F249, F250, F251, F252, F253, F254, F255, F256, F257, F258, F259, F260, F261, F262, F263, F264, F265, F266, F267, F268, F269, F270, F271, F272, F273, F274, F275, F276, F277, F278, F279, F280, F281, F282, F283, F284, F285, F286, F287, F288, F289, F290, F291, F292, F293, F294, F295, F296, F297, F298, F299, F300, F301, F302, F303, F304, F305, F306, F307,

Sources of Information

AbbreviationThe Breens
TitleTHE BREENS -- Patrick, John, Ann, and Michael and their descendants
AuthorHarry Dexheimer
PublicationThe Breen Reunion Association
DateMay 1991
Date28 June 1991
Date01 Mar 1993
Date15 Apr 1994
TypeRevisions from the 1998 reunion.
TypeText entered into GEDCOM format.

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Date07 Aug 1998 09:00
Submitter(SM0)[Jesse Chisholm]

NameJesse Chisholm
Address947 W. Haverford Rd. Ramona, CA 92065

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