Do you need a special electronic tool, but nobody makes it?
You've come to the right place.  HI-LAB will work with you to develop just the tool you need to meet your special requirements

Some of HI-LAB's tools:


TCI-32 image

TCI 32
Quickly identifies individual cable television lines in a bundle. 
Simple one person operation.


HI-ICE   ice level detector

 The HI-ICE system is designed as a differential detection system.  Two six-foot probes are mounted vertically at appropriate levels, such that the ice must reach the tip of the upper probe for the ice-making equipment to turn off.  The ice level must go below the tip of the lower probe for the ice-making equipment to turn back on, preventing 'short-cycle' problems.  Each probe is identical and constructed with flexible material to prevent stress and breakage.

HI ICE:  No Moving Parts - Short Cycle Prevention - Easy to Retro-Fit - Low Cost

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