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Captain, USN, Merchant Marine Program.

MASTER of Steam or Motor Vessels, of any Gross Tons upon Oceans. USCG License.


U.S. Navy

Miltary Sealift Command
12/2005 - current
Civilian Employee aboard survey vessels. MASTER, USNS WATERS (T-AGS 45), MASTER: USNS BOWDITCH (T-AGS 62), Chief Mate: USNS SUMNER (T-AGS 61) & USNS PATHFINDER (T-AGS 60)
Oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, underwater surveillance, missile flight data collection and tracking, acoustic surveys and submarine support are just a few of the specialized services this program supports.

Maritime Adminitration / Millitary Sealift Command, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
06/2006 - 07/2006
SS CAPE GIBSON Shore Support. During RIMPAC 2006, Interacted with officials from eight nations and many Navy commands to insure highest utilization and training for SS CAPE GIBSON.

Millitary Sealift Command, San Francisco Bay
01/2005 - 02/2005, 05/2005
MSC Area Representative, San Francisco Bay. Liaison between Civilian and Military resources in the Bay Area to expedite MSC contract ship movements. Loaded out container ship CAPE FLATTERY during TURBOCADS 2005.

Center for Surface Combat Systems, San Diego, CA 08/2004
In coordination with MERPAC, documented and correlated Navy training with international standards.  Working hand in hand with the USCG National Maritime Center to validate military sea time and training as U.S. Merchant Marine sea time.

Millitary Sealift Command, San Francisco Bay 03/2002 - 04/2002, 10/2003, 06/2004 - 07/2004
MSC Area Representative, San Francisco Bay. 06/2004 - 07/2004, 03/2002 - 04/2002. Liaison between Civilian and Military resources in the Bay Area to expedite MSC contract ship movements. 
Security Officer, Tribute to Freedom, 10/2003. Provided security planning, management, and control for Tribute to Freedom, recognizing our returned Naval and Marine Reservists, their families, employers at Alameda, California.  Over 2,000 people attended including the California Attorney General and several Mayors.

Millitary Sealift Command, Tanker Operations 01/2002 - 02/2002
Marine Transportation Specialist. Evaluate tankers to meet government requirements for liquid cargo sealift.  Assign takers to specific cargo lifts and track ships world wide.  Trouble shoot obstacles to insure highest cargo delivery goals are met.

Naval Reserve Recruiting 10/2001 - 11/2001
Congressional Liaison. Point of contact to New Mexico Senators and Representatives for the Naval Reserve. 
Public Affairs Officer. Authored and disseminated Public Service Announcements to local area television and radio stations.

MARAD San Francisco 08/1999
Inspector.  Conducted pre-inspections of ready reserve vessels in preparation for American Bureau of Shipping official inspections.

U.S. Naval Academy (summers) 06/1994 - 06/1998
MMIRRG Liaison Officer/Assistant-Officer-in-Charge.  May through August 1996, Managed the Merchant Marine Reserve Officer portion of the USNA YP Summer Cruise Program.   Provided over 1058 man-days of support by training and leading 42 Naval Reserve officers filling 44 billets on 46 YP's.  Responsible for 90% successful qualification rate in OINC/OOD training.  Qualified Officer-in-Charge; sailed as Assistant-Officer-in-Charge, directly training midshipmen and developing training guides in Aids-to-Navigation.  During previous years, sailed as Officer-of-the-Deck in YP summer cruises training midshipmen.

Joint Test Directorate / Joint Logistics Over the Shore III  06/1993 - 07/1993
Technical Evaluator.  Evaluated and reported on Roll On/Roll Off, Lift On/Lift Off, Lighter/Ship interaction, and RO/RO Discharge Facility construction and installation during a combined Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps Logistics Over the Shore Exercise, "Ocean Venture 93".  Specifically wrote several technical reports detailing specific Sub-Objectives.  These reports were supported by 35mm photographs, video, and graphic drawings.  JTD/JLOTS III.

USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) 09/1992 - 10/1992
Assisted Navigator in training off the Pacific coast.  Wrote and lectured on two technical papers:  Helicopter Wind Envelope Quick Reference, 52 page booklet including 56 graphics detailing launch and recovery limits for US military helicopters landing on the air craft carrier USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN.  Merchant Marine/Navy Interaction at Sea, 10 page paper on both American and foreign flagged vessel bridge operations and the impact/interaction with US Naval vessels.

USS PLEDGE (MSO 492) 05/1991 - 06/1991
Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck.  Conducted an in house evaluation of: Boiler Water/Feed Water Quality Management, Fuel Oil Quality Management, Lube Oil Quality Management, Jacket Water Quality Management, and Electrical Safety.  Wrote and lectured a 14 page paper, Your Merchant Marine Counterpart, comparing Navy positions with equivalent Merchant Marine positions, compared both similarities and differences.

USS SACRAMENTO (AOE 1) 10/1987 - 04/1990
Transported Jet fuel, Diesel, Ammunition, Dry Stores, and Refrigerated Cargo.  Operated in Middle East, Indian Ocean, West and East Pacific. 
  • Command Duty Officer:  Responsible for the ship in the absence of the Commanding Officer.  Duties included:  Safe and Effective operation of over 550 ship's crew, Coordinated with outside Officials, Enforced Environmental Regulations, Ensured Security. 05/1989 - 03/1990
  • Navigation Officer/Officer of the Deck:  Responsible for Safe Navigation, Voyage planning, and the training, performance of the Navigation Department, and  Safe Operation and Ship Handling while in multi-ship formations, while loading/delivering cargo at sea and during independent steaming.  Rewrote SACRAMENTO Instruction 3530.1A (Nav Bill) into a clear concise instruction compiling the information and direction of twelve other instructions. 10/1988 - 03/1990
  • Fire Watch Division Officer:  During a shipyard availability, operated a temporary 60 man Division dedicated to ZERO accidents.  Supervised 2,842 hot work jobs, providing 19,154 man hours with out a single serious injury to personnel or material mishap.  Wrote an original Fire Watch Organization Manual to simplify the initiation of Fire Watch in the future. 10/1989 - 02/1990
  • Combat Systems Officer:  Responsible for the successful operation and maintenance of ship's weapon systems and supervision of 18 technicians. 10/1987 - 10/1988

  • Other Naval Commands and Training 05/1983 - 10/1987
    Senior Quartermaster Refresher course, top 5% of class. 
    Celestial Navigation course, top 5% of class. 
    Helicopter Operations Indoctrination course. 
    NATO Sea Sparrow Department Head course. 
    Steam Engineering Officer of the Watch course, Distinguished Graduate. 
    Electronic Warfare Officer course. 
    Surface Warfare Officer Division Officer course. 
    USS WILLIAM H. STANLEY (CG 32), Assistant to Missiles Officer. 
    Nuclear Weapons Orientation School. 
    USS HOEL (DDG 13), Assistant to Combat Information Center Officer. 
    MSC Command Orientation course. 
    Commisioned. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    07/1987 - 10/1987 
    02/1987 - 05/1987 

    U.S. Coast Guard

    US Coast Guard Reserve -- Chief Quartermaster (E-7) 
  • Naval Shipboard Simulator, Treasure Island, CA., Instructor. (week ends) 
  • Small Boat Operations School. (AT) 
  • USCGC CAPE WASH (WPB 95310), Search and Rescue / Law Enforcement. (AT) 
  • USCGC RUSH (WHEC 723), Training / Law Enforcement. (week ends & AT)
  • USCGC BLACKHAW (WLB 390), Aids to Navigation maintenance. (AT) 
  • USCG Group San Francisco, Search and Rescue Coordinator. (week ends) 

  • US Coast Guard -- Quartermaster Second Class (E-5) 
  • USCGC POINT STUART (WPB 82358), Search and Rescue / Law Enforcement. 
  • USCGC CAPE ROMAIN (WPB 95319), Search and Rescue. 
  • USCG Base Kechikan, AK, Public Works. 
  • USCG Training Center Alameda, CA., Training. 
  • 02/1981 - 05/1983 
    03/1982 - 04/1982 
    01/1982 - 02/1982 
    06/1980 - 01/1981 
    03/1979 - 06/1980 

    11/1975 - 11/1977 
    08/1974 - 10/1975 
    02/1974 - 08/1974 
    11/1973 - 02/1974

    Civilian Sea Going

    survey vessels USNS BOWDITCH (T-AGS 62),  USNS SUMNER (T-AGS 61) & USNS PATHFINDER (T-AGS 60) 12/2005 - current
    MASTER. Horizon Lines. Oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, underwater surveillance, missile flight data collection and tracking, acoustic surveys and submarine support are just a few of the specialized services this program supports.

    tanker SEABROOK 06/2005 - 09/2005
    Chief Mate. Fairfield-Maxwell Services, Ltd.  Carry 30,000 Tons of Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol and various other clean products.  PIC of cargo operation, conducts maintenance, and tank cleaning.  Operates in the Gulf of Mexico, East coast of United States, Singapore and Pacific ports.

    tankers CHELSEA, FREDERICKSBURG, and KEYSTONE TEXAS 12/2001 - 05/2004
    Relief Mate. Keystone Shipping Company.  Carry 40,000 Metric Tons of Gasoline, Diesel, MTBE, Lube Oil and various other distillates.  PIC of cargo operation watches, conducted maintenance, and tank cleaning.  Operate in the Gulf of Mexico and East coast of United States.

    school ship EMPIRE STATE 05/2002 - 07/2002
    Watch Officer/Teacher. State University of New York Maritime Academy.  Taught senior level celestial navigation. Taught watch-standing procedures.  Operated along the U.S. East coast, North Atlantic, Ireland, Irish Sea, North Sea, Arctic Ocean, Norway, English Channel, and the Bahamas.

    tanker SEA ISLE CITY 06/1998 - 12/2001
    Chief Mate. Keystone Shipping Company.  Carry 80,000 Metric Tons of Diesel.  In charge of cargo operations, maintenance, and tank cleaning.  Operate in the Middle East & Indonesia.

    tug CARIBE PIONEER 04/1997 - 5/1998
    Master.  Gulf Caribe Maritime, Inc.  Tow a railroad barge between Mobile, AL to Ponce, Puerto Rico and back.  Load and unload the barge at each end.

    M/V PEMBINA. 11/1992 - 04/1993
    Second Mate.  Seaborne Lines, Inc.  Break Bulk cargo vessel in the far east trade.  Transported a variety of cargos including ammunition, refrigerated containers, fire trucks, and heavy lift equipment.

    USNS SEALIFT CHINA SEA 07/1991 - 11/1991
    Second Mate.  International Marine Carriers.  Carried 200,000 barrels of Jet fuel, Diesel, and Unleaded Gasoline.  In charge of cargo operations and assisted with tank cleaning.  Operated in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Atlantic coast, Caribbean Islands, and Panama.

    VLCC OCEAN CHALLENGER 04/1990 - 04/1991
    Second Mate.  Boston Ocean Carriers.  Transported 2,000,000 barrels of Kuwait & Saudi Arabian Crude Oil to Egypt & Europe.  In charge of cargo operations and crude oil washing operations; assisted with tank cleaning.

    Tugs and Small Boats 11/77 - 12/1986
  • Pilot.  tug GULF MISS, Zapata Gulf, Inc.  Piloted Tug and cement barge from Kenai, AK through the Inland Passage of Alaska and Canada to Seattle.  12/86
  • Captain/Chief Mate.  Ocean going, coastal, and inland tugs and tow boats operating in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and  West Pacific Coast of North America from Panama to Alaska.
  • Captain.  Inland tow boats, ferries, and fishing boats on the West coast of the United States.
  • Civilian Ashore

    Merchant Marine Advisory Committee, member representing Deck Officers. 01/00 - 12/2006

    Fair Winds design 11/96 - current
    Self Employed making and selling Nautical jewelry.

    TRW Space and Defense 06/94 - 11/1996
    Technical Editor/Graphic Artist.  Published Government Documents and Multimedia CD-ROMs (Clients:  DESA, JTMD, AFOTEC, Army Medical Corps.)
    Fully STCW compliant.
    Vessel Security Officer
    Anti-Terrorism Officer 2010
    Medical Person in Charge
    Anti-Terrorism Officer 2006
    Ship's Security Officer 2003
    Train the Trainer 2002
    CBRD Orientation 2002
    MSC Anti-Terrorism 2002
    PIC Dagerous Liquids / Tankerman 1999
    Bachelor of Science, Nautical Industrial Technology
       California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, CA.
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    Paul Grey Chisholm