P. Grey Chisholm
P.O. Box 396
San Antonito, NM 87047
(505) 379-4173 
MASTER, Oceans, Unlimited Tonnage, U.S. Merchant Marine 
CAPTAIN, USN / Merchant Marine Reserve Program 
Vessel Security Officer / Force Protection / Anti-Terrorism Officer 
Secret Clearance: Secret (Previous Top Secret) 
Mariner 1972 – Current 

Master –  BOWDITCH (T-AGS 62). 

  • Currently (since 2005) sailing on Oceanographic Survey Ships that are part of the 23 ships in Military Sealift Command's Special Mission Ships Program.
    • 2010 - Current: Master, USNS WATERS (T-AGS 45), Stystems Testing and Survey. Sailing CONUS.
    • 2008 - 2010 Master, USNS BOWDITCH (T-AGS 62) Military Survey. Sailing in the Far East.
    • 2005 - 2008 Chief Mate, USNS SUMNER and USNS PATHFINDER, Military Survey. CONUS and Middle East.
  • Chief Mate - Eleven years on tankers, 30,000 tons to 250,000 tons, fuel, lube oil, crude oil.
  • Taught on various Merchant Marine School ships.
  • Sailed Master on an ocean going tug, towing a Roll-On-Roll-Off railcar barge.
  • Sailed various freighters, tugs, ferries, and fishing boats.

Presidential Advisory Committee on Merchant Marine Personnel (MERPAC). 2000 – 2006 

  • Represented Deck Officers. Worked closely with Navy Center for Surface Combat Systems.
Technical Editor/Graphic Artist (TRW & SAIC). Govt. Documents and Multimedia. 1993 – 1996 


Navy – (Reserve) 1983 – Current 

  • MARAD Support, Houston, Texas. Authored Crew Endurance Management Policy Statement and Crew Endurance Management System Work Book to bring vessels in compliance with Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular No. 02-08. Nov 2008.
  • MARAD Shore Liaison for RIMPAC 2006.
  • Military Sealift Command Representative for San Francisco Bay 2002. Supported MSC Rep for SF Bay 2003-2005. Security Officer – Tribute to Freedom, Provided security planning, management, and control. Over 2,000 people attended including the California Attorney General. Oct 2003
  • Navy Reserve Recruiting – Congressional Liaison. Point of contact to New Mexico Senators and Representatives for the Albuquerque Navy Reserve Recruiting Office 10/02.
  • U.S. Naval Academy – OINC, Reserve component of Summer Cruise Program.1994-1997
  • Joint Test Directorate – Technical Evaluator during JLOTS III Exercise. June-July 1993.
  • Various afloat commands from Mine Sweepers to Aircraft Carriers. Various shore commands.
USS SACRAMENTO (AOE 1) (Active Duty) 1987 – 1990 
  • Command Duty Officer: Responsible for Security and Operations. 550 man crew.
  • Navigation Officer/Officer of the Deck.
  • Fire Watch Division Officer: Lead a temporary 60 man Division.
  • Combat Systems Officer: Operation and maintenance of ship's weapon systems & 18 technicians.
U.S. Coast Guard – (Reserve) 1977 – 1983 
  • Chief Quartermaster (E-7) – Naval Shipboard Simulator, Treasure Island, CA. Instructor.
  • USCG Group San Francisco, Search and Rescue Coordinator.
U.S. Coast Guard – (Active Duty) 1973 – 1977 
  • Quartermaster 2nd Class (E-5) – Search & Rescue/Law Enforcement. 
    Fully STCW Compliant. 
    2011 Vessel Security Officer (MITAGS)
    2009 Medical Person in Charge (MITAGS)
    2008 Master Orientation (Military Sealift Command). 
    2007 Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense Officer (Military Sealift Command) 
    2006 Ship’s Security Officer & Company Security Officer. (Military Sealift Command) 
    2006 Anti-Terrorism Officer. (Military Sealift Command). 
    2005 Military Sealift Command Inport Security Plans for the Third Fleet Area of Responsibility. 
    2005 Military Sealift Command Afloat Environmental Protection. 
    2003 Ship Security Officer course (Tactical Defense Concepts). 
    1983 Bachelor of Science, Nautical Industrial Technology, California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, CA.