A Father's Footsteps

A boy is raised to follow his father's footsteps...
But a boy is small,
His father's feet are wide, his father's stride is long.
So a boy might run to keep up
Or he might stray and wander.
But, his steps will never strike the earth
Where his father's did.

Long ago I chose to wander.
Only as a man did I also stop
And look back at your foot steps.
Your's are wide, your stride long.
My steps have become wide and my stride long also.
Yet they are different paths.

My only wish is that at the end of my journey
I will be able to look across
And see that the peaks and summits on my trek
Were as high as your's
Even though on different mountains.

Grey Chisholm
22 July 1992

19 February 2001
(c) Grey Chisholm 2001