The Casualty

He bid goodbye to loving wife,
And daughter, only two.
Late August found him on his way,
To do what he must do.

Marines in Saudi sand and sun,
All trained near constantly.
They never knew when they'd be called
To respond instantly.

Into harm's way he fought up front,
The training made him ready.
His thoughts of home and family,
All helped to keep him steady.

With joy he and crew went home,
His little daughter danced.
Now three, she laughed out loud and sang,
"My daddy's home at last!"

His wife grown cold, too long alone,
Just walked right out the door.
He found himself a casualty,
Unlisted, of the war.

Phyllis Bailey Chisholm

Leatherneck Magazine,
August 1991

20 February 2001
(c) Grey Chisholm 2001