Art on the Net
A selected list of galleries.
I enjoyed these galleries and artists, I hope you do also.

Lily Rose Photography

Landscape and Flower Photography of Barbara Stewart-Hager
 Murray Fine Art  Paul Murray, a pastel artist with links to Gail Murray, a paper artist. 
Art of New Mexico
in Nature's Image Elliot Mardriss 
Exquisite & exciting landscape photography.
Art Maxim Gallery A collection of artists.
Dream Spirit -- mola art From the Bolinas Indians of Panama to you.
Sea Going Art from France.
The Rattle In Seattle 
Earthquake As Artist
Jewelers Central
A Comprehensive Directory of Jewelers NationWide
Jeffrey Ventrella 
Artificial Life 
Mandelbrot Art 
& more......
Nautical ~ marine sea life ~ Celtic jewelry
Tom Siler 

This Image

Ilka Hartmann
civil activist photographer 
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