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Merchant Marine Reserve
Naval Surface Reserve Force 
Merchant Marine Program

To link to MMR website: 

  • Insure your CAC Reader is plugged in and CAC inserted
  • Select: "Sign In" at top of page.
  • Upon CAC pop up window, select for CAC ID.
  • Upon pop up window, enter your PIN.
  • At the Consent Page, select "Accept"
  • At Private Navy Reserve Homeport page, place your mouse over "Commands" at the top of the page.
  • Select CNRFC
  • Select N-Codes
  • Select N-1, Manpower and Personnel
  • Select N-14, Merchant Marine Reserve Program.

    Video Step by Step Guide:

    Loading Certificates:

    Instructions AFTER you've installed Certificates:
    How to set Internet Explorer:

    General Help Information:

    NOWS order

    Gmail - MMR UPDATE-Volunteer to Mobilize via the CNRFC N35 portal MMR UPDATE-Volunteer to Mobilize via the CNRFC N35 portal

    Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command <> Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 1:36 PM


    All Merchant Marine Individual Ready Reserve Group (MMIRRG) officers who are interested in volunteering for a mobilization should access the below link and provide the required information. 

    Be sure to identify yourself as a MMIRRG and list CNRFC N14 as your Chain Of Command. 

    You will be required to affiliate with the SELRES or VTU prior to mobilizing.  This is so your local NOSC can properly support your transition to active duty.



    LCDR Aaron Asimakopoulos



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    Maritime Academies
    Service Academies
    Battlin' Pete

    Digital Portal to Federal Agencies
    Department of Transportation   
    Maritime Companies
    by Don Nugent

    USCG Marine Safety News Letter Merchant Marine Licensing and Documentation
    The Marine Safety Newsletter

    Defence Link:
    USCG - Where shipmate's meet.
    Army -- Command Bulletin Boards 
    USMC - Bulletin Board
    of New York & New Jersey 
    241 Water St. NY, NY 10038 

    USGS imaging of theU.S.A. 
    and around the world.
    "... just a snippet from the earlier issue of TEES PACKET!!  
    (journal of the Teesside Branch of the World Ship Society.  
         "If the ship shall shamefully miscarry on her voyage owing to the fault of the pilot, the Master and the mariners may take the pilot and hang him from the neck until he is dead, but before they do this they should find out if he has the wherewithal to make recompense."
    (From the Code of Oleron, the legal code which is the foundation of  
    English Shipping Law, as decreed by King Richard the Lionheart in 1191AD.)
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