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Note: Opal is a soft stone and should be treated with care.  Opal is brittle and
  heat-sensitive; do not clean it in hot water or use harsh chemicals.

Opal (grade AAA) 8x6mm oval add $79.00
Opal (grade AA) 8x6mm oval add $49.00
Opal (grade A) 8x6mm oval add $29.00
Opal (grade B) 8x6mm oval add $12.00
Opal (grade B) 10x8mm oval add $24.00

Opal (triplet) 10mm round add $24.00
Note:  Genuine Opal is bonded to a base layer
for stability and covered with a protective quartz cap.

Other Selections Available.

Valid 25 October 2002. Selection is dependant on availablity and can change without notice.  The above selection and prices are guidelines only.
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