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Often when I'm working, I suddenly take a flight of fancy and make some new design just for the fun of it.  Sometimes people tell me their idea and ask me to turn their inspiration into reality. Fair Winds design offers a variety of other custom shapes in precious metals as rings, earrings, brooches, etc.....

Spirals are found in every ancient culture: Celtic, Anazazi, Aboriginal Austrailian, and more.
The Celtic spiral is representative of the eternal forces of nature. Spirals are thought to represent an evolving spirit, and are used as a symbol for eternal life.  At the center of the spiral is complete balance.
Among the Hopi and the Navajo in the Southwest, spiral serpentine insignias are representative of death and new life. Inward spiraling anticipates death and outward spiraling anticipates life.

Medicine Wheel The artist is of Cherokee decent.  This design was a special request of a cousin, Brian Corntassle.  It is a Cherokee Medicine Wheel with a Lightning Bolt.

Many times ones clan totem is centered on the Medicine Wheel.

& many more to follow.....

This 2½" crystal, wrapped with a sterling turkshead and suspended from a sterling chain can be used for both magic and fun.  It's simple beauty add sparkle wherever it is displayed.

Crosses are crafted using a variety of stones and made in many sizes.

To the left:  plain, turquoise, cultured aquamarine, amethysts, and carnelian.

Below: plain and black onyx.

Small crosses.


New Mexico Design

This New Mexico design was specifically designed for a friend. Made in sterling silver, a stone of turquoise is set in the center. This same design would also make a nice brooch or barette.

Fair Winds design brings to you, this fine custom jewelry crafted to your specifications.

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