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A Sennit is the nautical word for a Braid. Many braids are used in every day life. Pig tails or Pony tails are often braided into a three part braid -- or a three part sennit. A French braid is another application of a sennit. Fair Winds design offers the following sennits in precious metals as earrings and bracelets. If the sennit is woven into a continuous loop it is called a turkshead.
[photo of sennit earrings]
A Sennit can be as simple as a braid usually woven in hair. It can be as complicated as your imagination. 3 Strand Bracelet
 Used here as jewelry, Fair Winds weaves these delightful braids and sennits anywhere from three parts to seven in sterling, gold or combinations of precious metals. The wire is often twisted for an added dimension
[photo of hoop earrings]
A Sennit can be woven as turkshead, one continuous piece, or as a strait waeve.  Once a sennit is woven, it can be bent around a mold or "mandrel" then a post soldered on or a french hook attached to make a hoop earring.

Fair Winds design is constantly designing new forms for your enjoyment.  Many are your ideas, special requests, brought to reality.  Some spring forth from the work bench, inspired by the metal and stones themselves.  Many are more knots or ideas from the artist's nautical past or heritage.

Sennets can be crafted into a variety of earrings.

18 November 2002

Cable Earrings in a Bight with Aquamarine
This Sterling Silver cable design to the left, seized into a bight and set with Aquamarine, is a simple and delightful design.

Below are earrings, made from sterling, twisted into a cable.

1 inch Cable Earrings

Other Earrings

Many other earring designs are available.

The earrings to the left are made from white gold twisted into a  rope then set with 5 mm. rubies.

The earrings to the right are 18K gold and jade. This design was first made for Capt. Dick Atkinson as a gift to his wife.

Pieces are individually priced.
Price range varies from around $20 to $60 in sterling silver.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, and a variety of Gems are other choices.

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