Paul Grey Chisholm

1955.02.19 -- 2013.04.16

Home is the Sailor, Home from the sea . . . . .
The Sailor is HOME!
---- Grey will answer questions, but he is NOT TAKING NEW ORDERS ----
He will answer your e-mail as he can, ----
I must down to the seas again 
              the lonely sea and the sky, 
                       And all I ask is a tall ship 
                       ......and a star to steer her by, ...............
Don't expect a quick reply, but
I will answer your e-mail as soon as I can.....
NOTE:  The artist is a mariner. Since he is at sea for more than half the year, responses to correspondence or orders may take up to four months. Please be patient. He learned his art at sea--the sea is part of his art.
Thank you.

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