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Another "Knot" artist is Lorenzo! 

Check out his "Golden Knots" page!

Other Art on the Net
Just Cool Stuff
A cool Rope Mat page a shipmate turned me on to. 
Willeke van der Ham 
The Netherlands
Celtic art in 
Jack London Square
Peter Suber's Fantastic Knot Links Peter Suber's Knots on the Web!     (has the most knot links I've ever seen!) 
The International Guild of Knot Tyers!  

IGKT-NAB Knot_Chat on Sunday at 6PM EST using Yahoo Messenger KnotTyers Club: - clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/knottyers 

rec.craft.knots FAQ - www.msen.com/~pwmeek/knots/knot-faq.html

  •  Knot Museum on the Internet! 
  • The Wire Sculptors Bulletin Board! 

    Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
    Roper's Knot Page
  • http://www.troop9.org
  • More Turkshead Links
  • http://www.abbott.demon.co.uk/mercatmethod.html

  •  Is your gig Celtic heritage?

    Celtic & Heraldic Center Check out the Celtic Center!
    Cool celtic jewelry at David Morgan's web site! David Morgan Celtic Jewelry
    Custom Nautical Jewelry  
    The Celtic Merchant

    Are you more interested in the MATH of knots? 

  •  Check out this Trefoil Knot!
  • These come from Jason Behrstock 
  • Lots of cool pictures and other links on it.
  • Nice description of a braid as a "dance"!
  • Streaming ``Illustrated Audio'' Projects -- Recorded and edited by Tony Phillips
  • submitted 17 June 03
    The KnotPlot Site

    Are you interested in Nautical art?

  • The Ship's Store

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